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Coronation Street’s Georgia Taylor on Toyah’s guilt: ‘It’s a grey area’

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The celebrity addresses the accusation of murder made by her alter ego.

Regarding the culpability of her Coronation Street alter ego Toyah Habeeb regarding her pending murder charge, Georgia Taylor says “it’s a very grey area.”

Imran Habeeb, Toyah’s husband, was killed in a car accident in June when Toyah was driving, according to Charlie de Melo. Imran confessed to lying to gain custody of his infant son Alfie, whom he fathered with Abi Webster, in flashbacks, and Toyah admitted to doing so (Sally Carman).

Based on the information since, Toyah has been accused of killing Imran. Regarding the plot, actor Taylor is questioned about if she believes her character is guilty.

She says, “I think it’s a very grey area, and whatever the reality is, I think Toyah feels the weight of what she’s done.” ” Whether she is responsible for the murder or not, she was driving that car, which greatly increases her guilt. She feels guilty for his passing and the fact that Alfie will have to spend the rest of his life without a father.

It’s awful, and she must bear a tremendous amount of weight.

Later on, Toyah learns that Imran had already made plans to start a savings account for the infant Alfie. As Taylor observes, this simply causes Toyah’s sorrow to resurface.

The actress explains that fear is a major factor in Toyah’s current state of mind as she awaits her trial. She is terrified, lonely, and still mourning the loss of the guy she loved and the opportunity to start a family.

Her emotions are all over the place, so I can’t even image having to face a murder trial on top of that.

Passion ensues as Toyah eventually decides to reconnect with her ex-boyfriend Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock). Is Toyah happy to have Spider around considering how many people around her have turned against her and how her stepsister Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) has other responsibilities?

“She doesn’t really have many friends, individuals like Alya have mostly turned against her, and Saira, Imran’s mother, is constantly criticizing her. When you’re feeling weak, it’s a small act of compassion, and that’s what she latches onto.”

You’ll have to watch to find out what happens to Toyah next, but it’s obvious that her future is very much in doubt!

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