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EastEnders’ Beale family torn apart as they make shocking discovery about Ian’s secret

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Ian Beale from EastEnders has been acting strangely lately. His family will soon find out what he’s been hiding, but will it break them apart?

Adam Woodyatt’s iconic character Ian Beale from EastEnders has been acting very strangely in recent episodes, and his huge secret will soon be revealed.

This week, the Walford businessman has been causing a stir with his unusual behavior, which has Cindy (played by Michelle Collins) and their son Peter (Thomas Law) wondering if Ian is hiding something.

Ian tells his family that he intends to run for council again in an effort to sidestep any questions, but they don’t believe him.

Ian leaves for what appears to be a council meeting, but Peter isn’t convinced and chooses to look into it. Peter discovers that his father has been untruthful and demands the truth after contacting the council.

According to the Daily Star, Ian intends to leave the Square for a rumored leadership training course in Manchester next week, continuing his mysterious behavior.

When he tells Cindy that she can’t go with him, it makes her worries even more intense. Cindy, wondering what her spouse is hiding, peeks into Ian’s suitcase out of curiosity.

Cindy raises her concerns and questions Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), thinking that she is helping Ian.

Cindy approaches Ian directly after Kathy offers some advise, raising the subject of whether he is having an affair—a charge that Ian fiercely disputes.

But then Cindy finds out something else that makes her suspicious even more, so she asks George Knight (Colin Salmon) to take her to a location that she doesn’t know.

Later on, Peter finds out where Cindy is, so he takes Martin Fowler’s (James Bye) truck and follows them to find out the truth.

Bobby Beale (Clay Milner-Russell), who is equally curious, sneaks into the rear of the van when Peter declines to tell him what’s going on with their father.

Tension rises when Peter and Bobby arrive as Cindy and George are about to confront Ian, even though it’s still unclear what they will find at this address.

Overwhelmed by the recent events, a tired Cindy tries to fall asleep at home. When she finally makes the decision to speak with Ian, her partner makes another shocking discovery that surprises her.

After their distressing chat, Cindy goes to The Vic for a drink and finds comfort in Peter. What secret, though, is Ian keeping?

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