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EastEnders Ian’s secret ‘uncovered’ as legend ‘set to return’ – but it’s not Jane

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A symbol from EastEnders Since Ian Beale has been being so shady lately, supporters are certain they have figured out exactly who he is working with.

Actor Adam Woodyatt’s portrayal of EastEnders veteran Ian Beale has fans talking about his secret.

His family has taken note of the character’s evasive behavior this week, which includes making surreptitious phone calls. At first, Ian didn’t seem eager to talk about his son Bobby’s (Clay Milner Russell) upcoming 21st birthday celebration.

But in the episode that aired on iPlayer on Wednesday, July 10, the mystery increased when Ian got a mysterious text asking, “Can we meet tomorrow morning?” When Peter (Thomas Law) and Cindy (Michelle Collins) challenged Ian, he quickly made up a story about how he wanted to run for local councillor once more, which confused them both.

Future speculations suggest that Cindy and Peter will run into Ian in a secretive cottage, adding fuel to the flames. Following their chance meeting, Ian shares with Cindy a startling discovery; however, the audience is still in the dark about this information.

Fans have been busy piecing together their own theories as to what Ian’s announcement could involve despite the lack of specific details; many believe it may have to do with the return of Ian’s ex-wife Jane (Lorie Brett).

However, some astute watchers have twisted a new tale that might herald the return of a different EastEnders legend, departing from the expected Jane story, according to the Daily Star.

On social media, there has been a lot of conjecture on the identity of the mystery accomplice. Many EastEnders viewers have placed their money on Cindy’s estranged daughter. Commenting on Twitter, one viewer said, “I’m convinced the person Ian is calling is Cindy Jnr.”

“I think this mystery person ian is texting will be Cindy Jr.” said another commenter.

Discussions on Reddit took a whimsical turn: “Since everyone is thinking about Jane, let me throw you a small curveball: Cindy JR. He’s attempting to get her back so he can feel more connected to Cindy and be the hero.”

Mimi Keene, who played the disobedient teenage daughter of the well-known Walford character Cindy, captured the hearts of viewers.

While on the run, Cindy Jr. gave birth to her daughter Beth and became entangled in the enduring ‘Who killed Lucy Beale?’ plotline during her brief but noteworthy tenure on the show.

In August 2015, Cindy’s time on the Square came to an end when she left for Germany with Liam Butcher (James Forde) and his father Ricky (Sid Owen).

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