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EastEnders’ Kathy Beale makes a big decision over Ben Mitchell after dramatic week

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“He’s going to hate me for this.”

Phil Mitchell of EastEnders is about to learn the truth about his son Ben’s recent alarming behavior.

The BBC iPlayer currently has this week’s episodes, which feature Kathy Beale informing Phil about Ben’s recent ordeal.

Ben has been having trouble adjusting after being raped by Lewis Butler, and Kathy has been worried about him for weeks.

Later on in the week, Ben also begins to feel bad about how much Kheerat Panesar, his buddy and business partner, is helping him through this trying period.

While under the influence of narcotics, Ben’s conscience takes over and he confesses to Kheerat and the rest of the Panesar family that he killed Jags by canceling his protection in prison.

When Suki intervenes and explains her complete role in Jags’ killing, Kheerat loses her temper and stops trying to strangle Ben.

Suki describes how she acted spitefully in 2020, planning to put Jags behind bars because she didn’t like his relationship with Habiba Ahmed.

After Kheerat’s vengeful attack, Stacey returns home with Ben, the disturbed mechanic still under the influence of narcotics.

Ben tells his parents that he was to blame for Jags’ death in order to explain the recent argument. For Phil, who is tired of his son’s behavior, this all ends up being one drama too many.

Phil declares to Kathy, “I’ve tried. I’m cutting relations with Ben. Despite my best efforts, Kathy, nothing I do is ever good enough. The only person who can save you from drugs and alcohol is you.

We’re meant to break out the violins because he destroyed his marriage over a pointless spat between two loves.

In support of Ben, Kathy responds, “I understand because I have been there. You’re his father, and he’s going to hate me for saying this.

“Phil, there shouldn’t be any secrets between you and me. Ben was violated.

Suki’s children appear to be united once more against her as she is criticized after making her confession.

Suki is horrified when Kheerat makes it plain that he will never be able to forgive her for what she did to Jags.

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