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EastEnders legend flees Walford for good in emotional exit after Phil Mitchell revenge

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Actor Alan Ford has departed the BBC soap opera Walford, where he was a fan of EastEnders’ Stevie Mitchell. But he ensured that his influence was felt all the way through.

After an unexpected turn in its early release on BBC iPlayer, EastEnders has revealed a heartbreaking goodbye.

In heartbreaking scenes, Alan Ford’s character Stevie Mitchell bids Walford farewell, but not before hatching a cunning plan of retaliation against Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden). When Billy (Perry Fenwick) learned the truth about his mother’s passing, he was in complete shock.

Though he was advised to give up on his younger kid Teddy (played by Roland Manookian), Stevie wasn’t willing to let this happen and got into a taxi to clarify the situation. And he was prepared to take a few shots at Phil, the man who had set him up for stealing.

Teddy attempted to cheer Billy up in the meantime, but when Stevie got to The Queen Vic, he begged his brother to follow their father’s advise because he knew that if he didn’t, Stevie wouldn’t back down.

The well-known figure acknowledged that getting to know his grandchildren had been extremely important to him and that he would live the rest of his life feeling guilty and ashamed of what he had done. The Mirror claims that after expressing his pride in his sons, he let them think about what he had said.

Later, Stevie was seen outside, glancing at Phil’s automobile and warning him about the dangers of ignoring his loved ones. With a swift maneuver, he was able to take Phil’s car keys.

The keys were entrusted to Mo Harris (Laila Morse), who sold the car and gave Stevie a sizable sum of money. This was supposed to be a gift for Billy.

When Phil realized his car was missing, his rage knew no boundaries, and he reported the theft to the police right away, only to have them respond slowly.

Stevie asked to bid Will (Freddie Phillips) and Janet (Grace) farewell. He said some quite moving remarks to his grandchildren and said goodbye to Billy in a rather calm manner, leaving the money for them.

Mo and Stevie exchanged a heartfelt goodbye kiss while thinking back on what might have happened if he had stayed.

Standing by himself and gazing at Billy’s home, Stevie professed his abiding love for Billy, who was sitting with Teddy and struggling with his own emotions.

Billy quickly found the money and a picture from a day out in 1960 of himself, Stevie, and their late brother Charlie.

Stevie smiled to himself as he hurried away in a taxi, watching the scene around Phil’s car develop. This seems to be Stevie’s last performance as far as we can tell, but who knows? We might see him again.

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