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EastEnders spoilers: Phil’s rage as Alfie gatecrashes his wedding to Kat

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The well-known character will show up on the day that is sure to go horribly wrong when Shane Richie reprises his role.

The relationship has already started off poorly because lothario Phil recently confessed his love to Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean).

When Phil realized Sharon was in contact with his brother, Grant, he stomped back to his fiancée and they even enjoyed a long kiss.

Phil is going to be taken off guard when Alfie shows up since he is keeping this a secret, which is already a ticking timebomb.

The first germ of Shane’s return to the Square was planted when we recently witnessed him on a call with his son Tommy.

Shane and Jessie have been working on some crucial parts together as the ensemble films the wedding scenes on location.

Kat, who is shocked to see Alfie because he is dressed in a wedding gown, wonders if he would present her with a problem.

Will she accept him back?

Walking Tantrum Phil will already be in a rage over this, but there’s also the fact that Alfie stole $10,000 from him before leaving the Square.

It’s an enormous honor and joy to be asked back to my TV home of Albert Square, said Shane Richie on his return to Eastenders.

I’m eager to reconnect with some former cast members and make new friends.

Chris Clenshaw, the new executive producer, had a key role in pushing for the revival of Alfie Moon and several fantastic plots. who am I to object, anyway? I am impatient.

Showrunner Chris expressed his joy, saying, “Welcoming Shane Richie back to Walford is an incredible delight. He created one of the most iconic, lovable, and most unforgettable characters in soap opera.

There have been many events since Alfie left the Square, but wherever his floral shirts go, you can count on laughter, games, and the occasional porky-pie. We are overjoyed to welcome him home.

Shane isn’t the only noteworthy guest that returned for the wedding; Little Mo’s kid Freddie is also present.

Bobby Brazier, the late reality star Jade Goody’s son, was seen on set getting ready for his big acting debut.

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