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EastEnders star Danny Dyer ‘confirms’ Mick Carter death despite fan calls for return

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As calls for Mick Carter’s return to EastEnders persist, former Queen Vic landlord and star Danny Dyer appears to have confirmed the actor’s passing.

Mick is believed to be dead and is currently lost at sea after the events of Christmas 2022. Attempting to escape Walford, Janine sent herself, Mick, and Linda hurtling into the waves during a thrilling year-end event.

The death of Mick Carter

After preventing Janine and their unborn child from drowning, Mick went back into the water in search of Linda, who had already reached land without Mick’s knowledge.

After that, the landlord of the pub washed out to sea and was never seen again. Still, a lot of EastEnders fans are convinced that Mick still lives because there isn’t a body.

Is he recuperating someplace, experiencing amnesia – waiting to go back to Walford?

In any event, Danny Dyer has different thoughts.

Danny Dyer addresses EastEnders return

In an interview with Heatworld magazine, Danny seemed to confirm Mick’s demise. “He’s dead,” he declared succinctly.

“Look, I take it as a compliment that people want me to return,” he said. Who knows? I might return for a dream sequence if there’s no resolution there. Mick couldn’t have just shown up covered in seaweed, in my opinion!

“I would come back and do some scenes with Linda if they did it right, and since the 40th anniversary is approaching, if they came up with an idea that maybe Linda was intoxicated or experiencing hallucinations.”

Has Danny put an end to the rumors about an EastEnders comeback?

Danny made those remarks, and they are entirely his own. We would never comment on it, an EastEnders representative stated.

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