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Emmerdale: Belle needs to kill Tom immediately after fire scenes, fans beg

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Emmerdale viewers have pleaded with Belle Dingle to murder husband Tom right away following scenes in the show’s Thursday, June 13 episode.

This occurred while Tom locked Belle inside the house, continuing his pattern of domineering and controlling behavior. Unable to leave on her own, Belle made herself a quick lunch before falling asleep on the couch with her dog, Piper.

But for once, Tom’s most recent action had unintentionally put Belle, who was pregnant, in jeopardy.

Imperilled Belle confronts Tom – who turns the tables

As Belle napped on the sofa, a tea towel caught fire in the kitchen and a minor blaze broke out. Thankfully, she woke up in time – as Piper and the fire alarm howled – but she wasn’t best pleased with her controlling husband.

Yet, when she confronted Tom, he denied locking the doors, and tried to blame Belle for losing her own keys.

Such a blatant attempt at gaslighting didn’t sit well with viewers, who want Tom to pay for his actions.

Emmerdale fans demand Belle kills Tom

As the episode aired, fans took to X to call for Tom‘s head.

“The sooner Belle kills Tom, in self defence of course, the better,” wrote one fan.

“Hurry up and kill Tom off, get through the Belle on trial bit,” said another.

“I have a funny feeling Belle will kill Tom… I hope so, be a good ending!,” exclaimed a third.

Are you hoping to see Tom King dead?

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