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Emmerdale Belle paternity twist as fans think DNA mix-up will ‘rock Zak’s funeral’

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Emmerdale viewers are certain that Tom King will block his wife Belle’s plans to go to her father Zak’s burial following the untimely passing of Steve Halliwell in the previous year.

As a DNA twist appears to be about to shake the community, Emmerdale fans believe Belle Dingle is in for more horror in the ITV soap opera.

Under the violent control of her husband Tom King, Belle has been suffering. Following the real-life death of actor Steve Halliwell last year, viewers are now bracing for another setback as Belle is officially informed that her father Zak Dingle has passed away.

When the announcement is made, astute spectators are aware that Tom will not allow Belle to attend the burial in any way.

Some, however, have gone a step further and believe Tom will at the very least persuade Belle that Zak is not, in fact, her biological brother.

The revelation of Daz Spencer as Amelia’s biological father, as opposed to Dan, whom she believed she shared more DNA with, would not be the first time such a DNA twist has shocked the Dales family.

One of the first people to post on X was asking, “What are the chances that Tom will prevent Belle from attending the funeral in Scotland when Zak passes away?”

Another swiftly chimed in, saying, “I feel like Tom will convince her he’s not biologically related to her after he dies (basically gaslighting) or it will be revealed at the funeral that he’s not her real dad.”

“Oh yeah, I can definitely see Tom faking a birth certificate or something with another man’s name on,” said another person. However, who?

The same individual then added: “But then with Belle’s looks, I think Lisa must have pulled better than Zak AND she’s not dark haired like the rest of the dingles…”

Zak actor After many health issues, Steve passed away in December 2023 at the age of 77. He passed away quietly, surrounded by those he loved, according to a statement from his family.

“He was making us laugh to the very end, the most amazing father and grandfather you could ever wish for, family was everything to him,” the statement reads.

James Hooton, who is best known for portraying Steve’s on-screen son Sam Dingle for more than 25 years, was among the Emmerdale stars who hurried to pay their respects at the time. He posted on social media, saying, “Steve Halliwell was the first person I met when I walked through the door into the Emmerdale studios and we remained friends until the end.”

Danny Miller, who starred in Aaron Dingle, continued, saying, “He took me under his wing and helped guide me on and off set from day one.” You’ll be missed, buddy. both within and outside the set. Steve, go easy on your rest and leave one in the pump for me.”

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