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Emmerdale double exit ‘sealed’ as Tom King puts new ‘sick’ plan into action

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Although the evil Tom King has been torturing his wife Belle at home in graphic scenes, his most recent scheme will force the couple to permanently leave the village.

Another dark turn for Tom King has been revealed on Emmerdale, as the abused spouse intends to travel to Wales with his vulnerable wife Belle in an attempt to keep her away from family members.

As ITV soap opera viewers are aware, Tom has been torturing Belle and making her life miserable. In addition to being violent, the villain has been putting distance between Belle and her friends and family.

Charity Dingle is the only one who is concerned about Tom’s shameful behavior, and she attempted to intervene on Monday, July 1. For a girlie get-together, she recruited Chas, Lydia, and Mandy Dingle to assist in taking Belle to the Woolpack.

Charity arranged for Paddy Kirk and Jimmy King to stay with her husband, knowing that Belle would attempt to claim she had to stay at home to tend to her recently electrocuted spouse.

Charity attempted to persuade Belle to talk to her about her marriage, but it had the opposite effect since Belle stood up for Tom, and their reconciliation broke down.

Tom realized Charity was getting closer to the truth as her strategy failed, so he called to express interest in a new position in Wales.

Tom implemented his new strategy during Wednesday’s (July 3) visit to the town. He intends to isolate Belle by relocating her away from friends and relatives.

Tom, sporting a smart suit and a confident expression, spoke with his prospective employer while seated at a laptop. The employer had concerns regarding the couple’s desire to relocate to a remote area of Wales.

“This isn’t so much a question as it is something we are stressing to all of our applicants,” she said. Although I am aware that you are currently employed in a rural precinct, it is imperative that you seriously consider the location of this position.”

Tom responded with delight, saying, “Well, I have friends in Wales.”

The interviewer went on to say, “It’s very remote.” There truly isn’t anyone, save for a few farmers. What is your wife’s opinion of the move?”

Tom was then pushed to lie once more: “She’s really quite interested. Something like this is great for her; she has always appreciated the tranquil life.”

Belle was urged by Tom to take their dog Piper for a walk before their meeting because he didn’t want her “burning bridges with family” in an attempt to look innocent.

“I’m glad she’s willing to take the risk and try something different, even though I wish she wasn’t making such a mistake,” he said, urging Belle to leave the house so he could have the interview.

Will Tom’s new strategy of leaving the village and moving to a remote area of Wales succeed?

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