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Emmerdale icon Debbie Dingle’s return ‘sealed’ as Belle Dingle takes a stand

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Debbie Dingle actress Charley Webb left Emmerdale in 2021

After the most recent bombshell, many fans of Emmerdale are left wondering if a familiar face would be returning to the village. Emmerdale has been full of shocking exits.

Debbie Dingle is mentioned as Belle Dingle organizes a get-together with her aunt in a forthcoming episode. She might return, and in the turbulent times of Belle’s marriage to her violent husband Tom, she might be the one to save her.

Viewers are aware that Tom has abused Belle since their relationship began. Belle has been by his side ever since, although it seems like she is beginning to recognize his true nature.

Belle’s situation will take a terrifying turn next week as she tries to leave the community and get away from Tom. After speaking with her Mental Health Care Coordinator, Rachel, Belle at last concedes the seriousness of Tom’s abusive actions.

Rachel suggests that Belle keep her distance from Tom, indicating that she has realized how manipulative he has been, according to Express. Belle makes the decision to leave her home and travel to Scotland to join Debbie.

But a surprising development regarding Tom’s impending death could throw off her preparations. Should Belle change her mind, Debbie might come to the village to see how she’s doing, or maybe Debbie’s name alone indicates that she’s ready to come back.

Actress Charley Webb, who played Debbie Dingle, left the soap opera in 2021, but her influence may still be seen because her daughter Sarah Sugden lives with Debbie’s mother, Charity Dingle. For now, it might simply be a mention as neither the serial opera nor actress Charley have officially announced a comeback.

Elsewhere, Tom’s situation is becoming worse when he loses his temper after learning Belle had an abortion.

After giving it some thought, Belle opted against having the planned child; nonetheless, she lied to Tom and said that there was a miscarriage.

This will cause Tom to lose control of his anger and begin swinging an iron bar about a barn. He puts himself in grave risk out of his rage and dies on the ground.

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