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Emmerdale: Kim needs to teach Rose a lesson, fans beg

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Emmerdale: Kim needs to teach Rose a lesson, fans beg
The fans are begging Emmerdale to enlist Kim to teach Rose a lesson. Nothing bands anyone together quite like a common enemy.

Rose is determined to take down Kim, but will Kim manage to spoil Rose’s plans?

Ruby and Rose’s plan
Dawn’s mother Rose has definitely made her mark after being a recent Emmerdale newcomer. Rose abandoned Dawn as a baby and Dawn is only recently trying to repair the relationship.

Rose has ulterior motives to take down Kim alongside Ruby. Fans are eager to see if Kim will find out about Ruby and Rose’s plan to take her down.

Dawn is eager to get closer to her mother, but could this lead to Rose’s plan unfolding?

This week in Emmerdale village, Rose tried to meddle once more by impersonating Kim in front of Leyla’s client at Home Farm.

Kim walked in on her act and blew her cover. However, for Dawn’s sake, she continued to give Rose another chance.

Emmerdale fans beg for the ‘old’ Kim to return for Rose
Emmerdale fans can’t believe that Kim is continuing to allow for Rose to live under her roof despite rumbling her recent antics.

They’ve noted that the ‘old’ Kim would never have allowed this to happen, begging for Kim to teach Rose a lesson.

One fan complained: “What happened to the Kim Tate of old who would have kicked scrounging, [bleep], [bleep] Rose out on her [bleep?]”

Another viewer questioned: “Why is Kim tolerating that vile, alcoholic, freeloading, cheap, nasty Rose?”

A third Emmerdale fan shared: “Please can Kim stop letting Rose walk all over her? She can find her own place if she’s so bothered.”

But, is Kim playing the long game? Has she cottoned on to Rose’s plan? Is she waiting to bring her down?

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