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Emmerdale spoilers: Belle Dingle’s escape plan and double exit drama rock the village

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Emmerdale spoilers

have revealed that in upcoming scenes a loved-up couple plan to leave the Dales after months of family drama.
Emmerdale is set to deliver a series of dramatic events for its residents in the coming week.

The forthcoming spoilers hint at Belle Dingle (played by Eden Taylor Draper) uncovering a disturbing truth about her unstable husband Tom King (James Chase) as she strives to regain control over her life. Meanwhile, a smitten couple plans to bid farewell to the Dales following months of familial turmoil.

In addition, next week in the village, a sinister revenge plot involving Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) is suggested after Samson Dingle’s (Sam Hill) deceit lands her son Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) behind bars. Here are the major storylines to look forward to next week on Emmerdale…

Belle Dingle faces heartbreak amid alarming discovery about Tom King

The ITV soap is currently exploring a coercive control storyline featuring Tom King and Belle Dingle, with recent episodes showing Tom isolating and manipulating his partner Belle. His abhorrent behaviour has escalated recently, and he has been keeping a close watch on her, leading to even more distressing developments as Tom becomes violent.

In this week’s shocking scenes, Belle discovers she is pregnant and the following week sees her grappling with anxiety as she confides in the midwife and expresses her desire for an abortion. Arranging an appointment for a scan, Belle is devastated that it has come to this.

Later, when Tom comes back home, Belle hurriedly ends a call with a taxi company.
As Tom admires her makeup, Belle cleverly asks him to take a photo, taking note of his phone pin in the process. After some time, Tom goes upstairs and Belle seizes the opportunity to unlock his phone, attempting to access his banking app to pay for the taxi.

However, she is taken aback when she stumbles upon a shocking revelation – Tom has been tracking her every move. Feeling cornered, Belle’s attempts to persuade Tom to let her use the car are unsuccessful.

With a spare key in hand, Belle contemplates whether to risk driving herself to the abortion clinic. In the meantime, Amelia (Daisy Campbell)

reluctantly agrees to take care of her dog Piper, and Belle discreetly places her phone into Esther’s pram to prevent Tom from tracking her.

On high alert, Belle ensures she isn’t being watched before getting into Tom’s car. At the clinic, Belle grapples with her predicament involving Tom, but she remains firm in her decision not to have the baby… what will happen next and will Tom discover the truth?

Emmerdale double exit ‘confirmed’
In scenes set to air next week, Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) continues to grapple with his parents’ betrayal. Fans of the soap will remember that Nicky’s mother, Ruby Fox-Milligan (Beth Cordingly) recently hit Ethan Anderson (Emile John) with her car in retaliation for him leaving her son Nicky to die following a car accident, where he was over the legal alcohol limit.

Initially, it appeared that Ethan had survived the hit and run. However, in a shocking turn of events later in the week, Ethan suddenly died after clutching his head in pain, leaving his family heartbroken.

Nicky is appalled by his mother’s actions and his father Caleb Milligan’s (Will Ash) defence of her. In future episodes, Nicky contemplates distancing himself from his parents and suggests moving away with his boyfriend Suni Sharma (Brahmdeo Shannon).

Will the couple decide to leave Emmerdale and their families behind?

Moira Dingle’s Dark Revenge Twist

Recently, Samson Dingle was stabbed in dramatic scenes on Thursday night, with Matty Barton being held responsible after the knife he was holding ended up in Samson’s stomach. In shocking scenes, Samson’s new friend Josh (Osian Morgan) confronted Matty after he poured their paid-for beers down the drain.

He was angry at Josh for continuously flirting with Amy Wyatt (Natalie Jamieson), despite knowing that Matty and Amy were recently married.

The situation worsened when despicable Josh began making references to Matty being transgender. In an angry confrontation, Matty told them to leave – but Josh refused.

He pushed Samson forward, and onto the knife that Matty was holding. In terrifying scenes, Samson was rushed away in an ambulance – while Matty was arrested.

In the latest episode, Matty was put under intense questioning by the police and it was disclosed that due to budget cuts, there were no CCTV cameras at the HOP or the Hide. This lack of surveillance footage meant there was no evidence to support Matty’s allegations.

To compound matters, Josh coerced Samson into corroborating his version of events to avoid getting into trouble. During this scene, Samson appeared guilt-ridden as he acknowledged that Matty is family.

However, later on, Samson informed the police that Matty had stabbed him, leaving Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), Matty’s stepfather, seething and determined to uncover the truth.

Emmerdale has teased a jail twist for Matty in the upcoming week’s spoilers, with Moira set on seeking revenge next week. In future scenes, Amy and Moira will visit Matty in prison, where Matty becomes anxious when Moira brings up his medication and he admits he hasn’t showered since his arrival.

Meanwhile, at the Dingles, Samson prepares for work but is disturbed by Cain’s appearance. Aware that Josh is the true culprit, Cain implores Samson not to let Matty languish in prison.

Later, Moira is disheartened to learn that Samson is still sticking to his story. As she devises a plan to rescue Matty, Moira ominously declares that there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Later, Moira follows Samson to the Woolpack toilets with a sinister intention… what does she have in store?

Later on, Cain attempts to caution Moira about jeopardising Matty’s case, but she dismisses his concerns and humiliates him at the dinner table. The following day, Moira feels remorse for her outburst as Cain reminds her of the harsh words she used against him.

Later, an intoxicated Cain returns to Butlers and events take a turn for the worse. Before long, Moira is left rattled as her marriage and life begin to crumble…

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