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Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Fire horror as pregnant Belle is locked in at home

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Tonight (Thursday, June 13), our Emmerdale spoilers show that a fire breaks out as Tom King locks his pregnant wife Belle at home alone. Will Belle wake up in time, though, as she’s dozing off on the couch while the fire gets going?

Charles tries to make sense of Ethan’s passing in another scene. And although Ruby struggles with her own guilt, she makes a crucial choice. Will she tell the real story of the hit-and-run?

Vinny becomes anxious as he becomes close to Gabby in the interim.

Emmerdale spoilers: Pregnant Belle is in danger

Locked in at home alone, Belle puts some food to cook on the hob. Leaving it to simmer, she takes a nap on the sofa with Piper.

But, in the kitchen, a tea towel starts to singe. Will Belle come round before disaster strikes?

Charles struggles with his grief

Charles tries to make sense of the tragedy while standing over Ethan’s recently excavated grave. Ruby informs Caleb that she intends to give herself in for the hit-and-run, which horrifies him.

Ruby is adamant and he attempts to get her to see sense.

When Charles informs Ruby at Woodbine that the coroner has determined Ethan’s cause of death, Ruby begins to fear the worst. Later, a distraught Charles finds it difficult to conduct the funeral as it gets going.

Manpreet is later hurt when Charles tells her to leave intoxicatedly.

Vinny becomes agitated

When Gail acknowledges that she is aware that Vinny is a virgin at the Woolpack, Vinny becomes agitated. Vinny becomes alarmed when she offers to help and cancels their plans with Gabby.

A humiliated Gabby quickly leaves. Vinny is left feeling so full of remorse.

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