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Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Tom electrocuted as Belle tries to flee

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According to Emmerdale spoilers for tonight, June 24, Belle finally comes to terms with Tom’s cruelty.

Belle makes the decision to pack her luggage and travel to Scotland to stay with Debbie after speaking with Rachel.

Tom, meanwhile, loses control of his anger when he discovers Belle misled him about experiencing a miscarriage. Tom later gets electrocuted after running a metal bar across a rotary isolator.

Should Tom survive the spoilers for Emmerdale?

Emmerdale spoilers: Belle makes a big decision

Belle admits to lying to Tom about suffering a miscarriage when, in reality, she had an abortion to her mental health care coordinator, Rachel.

As the visit progresses, Rachel attempts to assist Belle after realizing the severity of Tom’s mistreatment and authoritarian behavior.

Belle is reassured by Rachel, who also suggests that she take a vacation from Tom. Belle nods as the truth of Tom’s assault sinks in.

Later, she prepares to travel to Scotland to see Debbie by packing her things.

Is she at last escaping her domineering husband?

Emmerdale spoilers: Tom is full of rage

Tom learns from Noah that Amelia took care of Piper yesterday so Belle could go to a meeting in the city.

He is furious now that he knows Belle lied to him and visited an abortion facility. He begins smashing everything in the barn with an iron bar.

Tom takes one last swing before his strength gives him. Tom gets electrocuted as the bar strikes the rotary isolator.

After being flung against a beam, Tom collapses onto the ground, unconscious. Will there be time to find him?

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