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Emmerdale star addresses how evil abuser Tom King will get his comeuppance

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James Chase, actor of Emmerdale, has hinted at the possible conclusion of his role as vicious abuser Tom King.

In recent months, viewers of the ITV soap opera have watched in horror as Tom has persisted in abusing his wife Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) in a ground-breaking coercive control scheme.

Next week’s episodes promise to be even more grim when Tom finds out Belle had a covert abortion.

There is yet more to the narrative, despite the fact that Tom’s own life appears to be in jeopardy after he destroys a barn in a fit of wrath and is ultimately electrocuted.

In a press Q&A, James expressed his expectation that Tom will eventually get his retribution, saying, “It’s what he deserves.” He is unable to get away with it.

He continued, saying, “I don’t know how the story would end or to what extent that would be, but I would think it would have to be something like that because she needs justice for what’s happened to her.”

“The audience must see Belle triumph in the end, or at the very least, for him to lose, after all the suffering we’ve seen Belle go through.”

James went on to say that he believed there should be at least a prison sentence as the final result. At the very least, that is required. I’m not entirely sure. All of them are fascinating.

Laura Shaw, the producer of Emmerdale, has hinted that the plot will continue “until the end of this year” for viewers.

“We said from the start that we wanted to tell this story as authentically and truthfully as we can,” the speaker stated. Let’s be honest: domestic abuse is a long-lasting issue for victims, and we wanted to be transparent about that. It doesn’t go away in a few weeks.

In addition, Laura stated that the cast has “always had a good idea in our heads exactly where we wanted it to end” and that fans could expect to witness an increase in the number of individuals who “look a bit more quizzically” at Tom and Belle’s relationship and “question certain things that they’re seeing” in the upcoming weeks and months.

Nevertheless, she continued, “I believe that, based on our research and the charities’ comments to us, people frequently fail to notice these things.” It’s really challenging to kind of even push that and ask those kinds of questions as someone looking in from the outside.

“Although it’s possible that some will notice it, I doubt anyone will be able to piece the entire picture together.”

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