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Emmerdale Tom finally ‘rumbled’ as villager ‘connects the dots’ in Belle abuse twist

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After electrocuting himself in a fit of rage on Emmerdale, Tom King almost met his demise, but he later checked himself out of the hospital, shocking Belle.

Following a significant revelation, Emmerdale viewers have been left to speculate that Charity Dingle will be the one to put an end to Tom King’s abuse of his wife Belle.

After returning home from the hospital after his accident that almost claimed his life, Tom’s evil abuse took a more sinister turn during this Thursday’s visit to the ITV soap opera (June 27).

After hitting a rotatory isolator at the barn with a metal pipe, he was taken to the hospital by ambulance. When Tom learned that Belle had secretly had an abortion rather than a miscarriage, he lost it and threw a tantrum in the barn at Butler’s farm.

After receiving a high-voltage electric shock, his heart stopped for a minute, and he was pronounced dead. However, Tom recovered quickly from his emergency room visit and was allowed to leave the hospital.

Tom wasted no time in torturing Belle upon returning home and acting as though he was unaware of the abortion.

While Belle was planning to run, her suitcase was still backed up near the front door when Charity stopped by to see how the couple was doing. Belle looked horrified to see her husband back.

“For a brief moment, I was worried,” she says to Tom, to which he quips cynically, “Not as worried as Belle, who thought she was going to have to arrange my funeral.”

Tom giggles awkwardly at his own antics before Charity confronts him about the barn being destroyed. Tom tries to talk Charity out of leaving by switching the suspect and saying, “We just want to be alone.”

Charity keeps asking the villain why, after coming dangerously close to death, he isn’t in the hospital, and then he shifts the conversation by revealing Belle’s miscarriage.

She responds in shock and tries to console Belle, but the battered wife leaves the conversation because she feels overwhelmed. Charity becomes suspicious as he asks her to leave their house, realizing there’s a romantic relationship between Belle and him.

Watchers of Emmerdale are left hoping Charity will recognize Tom’s mistreatment and intervene to save Belle.

“#Emmerdale Charity has lived the life Belle is going through so I think she’ll notice something is wrong long before anyone else,” @unsworth1live stated on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“And Charity in tonight’s in 100% onto Tom!” yelled @Sir_Jeffers7. I’m ready for it, too! “Charity is ON THE MONEY with Tom, i need her to deck him RN #emmerdale,” retorted @kosarakaye.

@Momrocks50 pleaded with Charity, “Come on, suss Tom the vile out and quick.” In the words of @mtrainlambily: “CHARITY CONNECTING THE DOTS OMG #Emmerdale.”

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