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Emmerdale: Tom to blame Noah for electrocution, fans predict

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Emmerdale viewers have speculated that Tom King will hold Noah accountable for his electrocution in the episode that aired last night. This occurred when he realized that Belle had gone to get an abortion instead of walking the dog, as she had claimed to be doing, after Noah told her she had an appointment in town.

Tom discovered that Belle had aborted his child after conducting some research. Then he unleashed his fury with a metal rod, ruining the barn where he and Noah had been working.

Tom electrocutes himself during temper tantrum

However, Tom was able to strike the rotary isolator of the barn with his last swing, electrocuting himself and throwing himself across the room for good measure. Hey, at least Tom was dead!

That is, until Paddy shows up on the scene in time to save the cruel veterinarian’s life.

Tom is recovering after a brief stay in the hospital, and he has also thwarted Belle’s attempt to escape to Scotland. However, some Emmerdale viewers speculate that Tom might be planning another heinous plot.

Emmerdale fans fear Tom will blame Noah for his accident

Fans speculated on X during the episode’s airing that Tom may attempt to hold Noah accountable for what had transpired. Ultimately, Noah was accountable for the rewiring of the apparatus that shocked Tom during his outburst.

What’s the wager that in five months, Tom would escalate his abuse by threatening to destroy Noah by assigning the blame to his faulty wiring for the accident? Belle is unable to go at all! One fan was worried.

“Surely, they will discover the barn completely destroyed and that he removed all of the plastic when they enter?” He’s going to accuse poor Noah of being extremely shady and say he’s going to bring down a Dingle. Another person added, “He is vile.”

“I’ll bet Noah gets the blame,” I said. a third concurred.

Another theory went, “He’d gone in to speak to Noah (who is an apprentice electrician, so he’ll get blamed”).

Will Tom’s “accident” leave Noah holding the bag?

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