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Emmerdale’s Dawn causes extreme concern as her paranoia over Evan’s care spirals

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There have been both subtle and overt indications that Emmerdale’s Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) is about to have a breakdown due to Evan’s illness.

Her clear hint that she wanted to use drugs once more to ease her agony and angst was evident; she even turned to drinking during the day to try to ignore the reality.

The more subdued indicators included her remaining at the hospital every day, as a worried mother would, and her checking that the kids weren’t carrying any diseases, but in reality, this was partly due to her reluctance to leave and bring back insects that could kill her baby.

To be fair, she had good reason to be afraid—Evan had developed a fever that developed into an illness, endangering his prospects of survival.

Despite the recent excellent news that the young boy could finally return home, Dawn finds herself with a concerning picture.

The day of his hospital release arrives, which is supposed to be a lovely day for the family. This serves as Dawn’s trigger for her paranoia to take over.

She’s now so afraid that the kids will kill him if they get close to him, and this is causing a rift with her other kids.

Jay Kontzle’s character Billy Fletcher observes her intense anxiety and worries that something is wrong.

Even though Dawn resisted the idea that she would go back to drugs, will Will’s suspicions be validated when the anxiety gets too great?

Christine Tremarco’s character Rose Jackson is ready to try and take advantage of this by playing on vulnerability and acting like a mother by offering some consoling words.

Could Rose be the one to save Dawn in spite of the games she’s playing?

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