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Emmerdale’s Laurel Thomas struggles to breathe as health takes a sudden decline

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Fans of Emmerdale are expected to witness Laurel Thomas in critical need of an ambulance following an unanticipated medical emergency.

In upcoming scenes, Charlotte Bellamy’s character Laurel Thomas from Emmerdale will encounter a terrifying situation. Her health is about to take a turn, according to official spoilers for the ITV soap opera.

Laurel is incensed when her husband Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) confesses to her that he finds it difficult to tell his half-brother Suni Sharma (Brahmdeo Shannon) the truth. Jai starts insulting Ashley as their disagreement heats up.

Laurel sends Jai away out of spite because she doesn’t want their argument to get worse. But when she’s by herself, things change.

She doesn’t last long before feeling lightheaded and passing out on the ground. Laurel can hardly move, scared by what’s happening to her, and her phone is ringing. She can’t, however, get there because of her circumstances.

Fearfully, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) asks her stepdaughter to promptly call an ambulance when she discovers that Laurel is having trouble breathing.

Jai decides to confront Suni with the truth at last, and despite his brother’s digressions, he sits him down in The Hide and attempts to initiate the necessary conversation.

But Jai loses it over Gabby’s incessant calls, and his rage lessens when he finds out that Laurel has collapsed.

Has Laurel’s ability to handle the stress of learning Jai’s secret reached an all-time low?

Fans of the ITV soap opera witnessed Laurel learn the truth about Jai and Amit Sharma (Anil Goutam) in a recent scene.

Viewers will recall that a few months prior, after pushing Jai’s father Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel) down the stairs, Amit killed him.

Having grown suspicious of Amit, Jai copied what he had done to Rishi and pushed him down the same set of stairs where his father had died in order to force a confession out of him.

Jai made Amit take his other son, Suni, out of the HOP ownership in an attempt to exact revenge.

Jai promised Amit he had to leave the village permanently without saying goodbye and that he would tell everyone the truth if he ever came back, just to make sure he never came back.

But after learning what had transpired, Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) began blackmailing Jai to keep quiet.

But as Laurel’s suspicions about Eric grew, Jai fed her a distorted version of events, making her angry that he had cheated Suni out of his inheritance.

Regarding the present plot, actor Chris Bisson hinted at the return of Jai’s evil side.

“I think he is going to become a bit more ruthless,” the man stated. He believes that he was somewhat taken advantage of and that this will never happen to him again.

“So, perhaps Bad Jai is returning! You know what, too? I actually kind of like bad Jai. Playing with him is enjoyable.

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