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EXCLUSIVE: Coronation Street actress hinted about upcoming “twists and turns” involving Rowan and Toyah.

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Coronation Street’s Rowan Cunliffe actor Emrhys Cooper has revealed ‘darker’ scenes are ahead, as Toyah Battersby may want to watch her back on the ITV soap

Coronation Street’s Toyah Battersby and Rowan Cunliffe could be set for some “dark” scenes amid their feud on the ITV soap.

Actor Emrhys Cooper has teased more twists and turns ahead, as the show’s ongoing cult storyline escalates. Things could get worse for Toyah, who is keen to bring down Rowan and his ‘self-improvement institute’.

Toyah has been seen to go up against the organisation and Rowan recently, after her sister Leanne Battersby was reeled in and tricked into investing. But Toyah faced a backlash, and Rowan threatened to sue her before blackmailing her, wanting her to sign an NDA.

Rowan had managed to gather evidence of Toyah kissing her brother-in-law Nick Tilsley, with Toyah sleeping with Leanne’s partner in a recent episode. But despite agreeing not to go after him, Toyah has not dropped her plans to bring down the villain.

She may regret it though, as speaking exclusively to The Mirror actor Emrhys spilled on what was ahead. He confessed Toyah should watch out, and that there were more twists ahead in the storyline.

He told us: “She is getting on his nerves. From the ‘upload’ Leanne’s done he’s got a lot of very personal information, and potentially illegal behaviour. He has got a lot in his arsenal, it could get darker. She should watch her back.”

Emrhys added: “He’s pretty experienced with manipulation and blackmail, he enjoys it. It is a game to him, I don’t think he’s scared at this point of Toyah. It is just frustrating but he’s game for it.”

The actor also dropped hints about what was to come from the storyline, as he warned viewers more than one character might regret their actions. He revealed on the “twists” ahead: “It’s gonna get [dark with] more twists and turns ahead, definitely.

“There’s some dark experiences ahead but, in Rowan’s defence he’s doing it for the greater good and he believes he’s helping Leanne and Amy. But I would definitely be a little nervous if I had revealed a lot of my past to someone like Rowan. It could be used against Leanne and Amy, that’s something to watch out for, pay attention.”

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