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Former Home and Away star Sam Frost shares life update after pregnancy news

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“We thought it would be a beautiful place to raise our little boy.”

Sam Frost of Home and Away and her fiance Jordie Hansen moved after it was revealed last month that they were expecting their first child.

The actress posted on Instagram this week that she and Jord had moved to Noosa, Queensland, along with a series of images from the Sunshine Coast. We believed it would be a lovely environment to bring up our son.

But we’ll be traveling back and forth between Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney to visit friends and family and take care of a little bit of work.

Family and friends of Frost were quick to remark on this significant choice, as fellow Home and Away actress Sarah Roberts (Willow Harris) wrote: “Can’t wait to visit the three of you!!!!”

Erin Holland, a former Miss World Australia, continued in response: “Congratulations, lovely! Bubs is very fortunate—hello, sun!”

This occurs after the soap opera actress, who for five years portrayed Jasmine Delaney, spoke openly about her pregnancy issues exactly one month ago.

Frost wrote on her blog, “I have to say, the first trimester was really challenging for me, mentally and physically.” “I had no idea how difficult being pregnant would be on my emotional state. Everyone advises waiting to notify anybody about your pregnancy until the “safe zone” after 12 weeks, when the risk of miscarriage greatly decreases. There is no one size fits all because everyone is unique. Please wait if it makes you more comfortable to do so.

“However, as soon as I had a positive result from an at-home test, I informed all of my close girlfriends, homosexual friends, and relatives. I couldn’t keep it a secret—I was so excited.

I wanted to tell the people I care about the most about the news, and I’m so glad I did because my mental health soon declined as the symptoms appeared (after around 6 weeks).

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