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‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers Roundup: Who Spills Sonny & Nina’s Tea?

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This week’s General Hospital weekly spoilers collection is a doozy, with Nina on trial for a crime she didn’t commit. Nina’s skin must be saved by revealing the truth about her experience in Nixon Falls. On the other side, if the truth is out, Carly’s fury will be unrivaled. (And this is only the beginning of Sonny’s ordeal.) Will Sonny put everything on the line to save Nina? Who will spill the tea if he doesn’t?

On ‘General Hospital,’ Willow is called to the stand

General Hospital will air a repeat episode on Friday, December 24 due to the Christmas break. The show, however, will be back with fury when it returns on December 27.

Nina’s preliminary hearing is now in progress. Following Sonny’s testimony, the District Attorney calls a surprise witness: Willow herself. This will be a bombshell testimony, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

“By bringing Michael Corinthos’ (Chad Duell) “bribe” into this, Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) discovered a cunning method to get Willow on the stand for cross-examination,” the outlet reports. “Of course, Michael double-checked his campaign gift to make sure Willow wasn’t involved, but that didn’t stop Scott from bringing Willow’s name into the mix.” Now Willow is on the stand to clear the air, but as Scott gets his turn to question her, she’ll have to clear the air about something else.”

Will she spill what she knows?

Willow, on the other hand, is adamant about not disclosing what she knows. She still has some feelings for Sonny, for whatever reason. According to General Hospital spoilers on Soaps.com, Nina may have no choice but to take the stand and speak the truth as a result of her comment to Willow.

“Carly tells Sonny the same thing, that she wants Nina out of their lives,” the outlet adds. “Nina walks into the courtroom and overhears Carly’s conversation. Willow approaches her to speak with her as she makes her way to her seat. Nina expresses her gratitude to Willow once more for not telling anyone the truth.”

Perjury is something that no District Attorney wants to encourage. Willow can’t lie, no matter how much she wants to. Expect her to be compelled to tell the truth if she is summoned to the stand this week.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Port Charles

Finally, according to the most recent General Hospital spoilers from SoapHub, Drew and Curtis will reunite. This isn’t the first time these two BFFs have teamed up to engage into various dramas and shenanigans, and this time will be no different. In the coming weeks, expect more drama from these two.

Also, watch for Laura (Genie Francis) to reconcile with her grandson, Spencer Cassadine, this week and try to reason with him. Laura is hoping beyond hope that she might push him to be a better person during his future prison sentence. We’ll just have to wait and see if she succeeds in this week’s General Hospital episodes.

Is ‘General Hospital’ Pre-Empted Due to the Christmas Holiday?

If you’re a fan of General Hospital, you’re probably aware that the show is occasionally pre-empted. Unfortunately, this week may be one of those occasions. For everyone, even the networks, Christmas is a magical time of year. As a result, General Hospital could be one of the pre-empted shows this week.

‘General Hospital’ was pre-empted for the Thanksgiving holiday

Fans of General Hospital were only able to see fresh episodes of the show for three days during the week of November 21. The show’s Thursday episode was canceled due to the Thanksgiving holiday, and the Friday episode was a replay. However, a lot of drama had to be crammed into three short days. Valentin had discovered the truth about Brook Lynn that week. (And, yes, that indicates he’s aware of the baby’s true identity!) It would be an understatement to say he was enraged by it.

And the show will be pre-empted on Christmas eve, too

Fans of General Hospital will also be unable to see a new episode on Christmas Eve. The show will only run fresh episodes for four days this week. The Christmas Eve program will be a rerun of the show from February 23, 2021.

According to Soaps.com, Anna contacted Peter and Maxie contacted Nina on same day to give support.

It will be strange to watch certain prior episodes of the show, especially since we already know how the plot develops from there. However, given the next week in Port Charles will be filled with high drama, that will be an ideal time to get some much-needed R&R.

When will new episodes of ‘GH’ begin airing again?

New episodes of General Hospital will premiere on December 27, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry. To there will be plenty of drama to go around — and catch up on — at that time. Nina’s fraud case will take a “dramatic turn” when Sonny agrees to testify on her favor, according to the site. Finally, according to the spoilers, Sonny’s evidence will result in the case against her being dismissed. But the drama isn’t over yet, because she’ll still have to deal with Carly’s rage.

Meanwhile, Curtis Ashford will team up with an unlikely ally in the form of Drew Cain to solve the mystery.

“The results of Leo Falconeri’s (Easton Rocket Sweda) evaluation will be revealed, and Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) will receive a unique gift from Liesl,” the outlet claims. “There’ll also be some New Year’s Eve excitement, so there’ll be a lot of terrific action in the following two weeks.”

The next few weeks on General Hospital sound like they’ll be a barn-burner.

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