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GH Spoilers Speculation: Olivia’s Head Over Heels For Eddie Maine

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According to GH spoilers, Eddie Maine makes his official Savoy debut while Olivia watches from the audience. She seems to be falling for her own husband’s alter ego, could that be?

GH Spoilers Speculation

Since Ned (Wally Kurth) fell into the pool and awoke as an older Eddie Maine, Olivia has only wanted her own husband to return. Despite regretting having doubted him prior to his accident, she couldn’t help but harbor animosity toward Eddie because he was the type of person her own Ned obviously aspired to be. She didn’t like him at all when his psyche transformed him into Eddie. But now that she does, she is unsure of what has overcome her.

Before he eventually transforms back into Ned, Neddie even begins to enjoy Olivia’s company more and more, which suggests that Olivia may fall in love with Eddie Maine and cease to even want her husband to return. Maybe he can truly combine the traits of both men when he comes back.

General Hospital: Just Infatuation?

Even though Neddie and Olivia may entertain the notion of getting together before Eddie goes back to being Ned, they may ultimately discover that their differences are too great for them to ever be able to get along. Olivia didn’t wed a rock star; she wed a sensible businessman. Eddie wants to travel, not be reliant on a woman managing a large hotel chain who has a young child. Therefore, even though they might date until Eddie transforms back into Ned, it will never work.

GH: Neddie Isn’t Ned

That could ultimately be the root of the issue. It’s likely that both Olivia and Ned Quartermaine will simply have to accept that Eddie Maine is not Ned Quartermaine. Yes, Olivia likes what she sees right now, but she needs a man who will be loyal to her and won’t yearn for a life spent performing with just his guitar and himself.

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