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H&A star Tammin Sursok reveals why she ‘doesn’t feel any less Australian’ despite speaking with an American accent

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She has acquired an American twang after living in Los Angeles for 15 years.

Despite having fully lost her original accent, Australian actress Tammin Sursok claims she ‘doesn’t feel any less Australian.’

During an Instagram Q&A on Thursday, the former Home and Away star, 38, was asked if she was sad about losing her accent.

‘I don’t feel any less Australian,’ Tammin replied. ‘Others feel sad though and mention it a lot.’

Tammin’s evolving accent has gotten a lot of attention over the years, with fans noticing how she has acquired the voice she employs on American TV series in her everyday life.

The Pretty Little Liars actor has always said that she speaks naturally because she has spent much of her adult life in America.

Another fan inquired if she was considering relocating her family to Australia permanently during the same Q&A on Thursday.

‘We are in the process of figuring out how to live in both places Australia/USA 50/50,’ Tammin responded.

‘We have friends that do it so we are working towards that as we speak.’

Tammin moved back to Australia a few months ago after spending years in Los Angeles with her husband, film producer Sean McEwen, and their kids, Phoenix, seven, and Lennon, two.

During an appearance on Today Extra last month, she showed interest in relocating to Australia, saying, ‘My husband and I keep saying we’re coming back to Australia to share our time in both two locations.’

‘And because of work we were in LA, but I feel like… we’re meant to be here.’

‘I came here [Queensland] for a film, but then the borders closed and it’s been amazing.’

Her family had ‘been in Queensland for about six months,’ she claimed, and her children, who were enrolled in a local school, were enjoying themselves.

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