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Home and Away reveals possible death story for Cash Newman

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Is this the end of the road for him?

Following his shooting of gang member Marty in Home and Away, Cash is now in grave danger, and it appears that his own life is also in jeopardy.

Cash is aware that there are still members of the biker gang out there, even if the most of them are imprisoned and unable to cause any trouble. He has been carrying a lot of tension because of this.

Tane, who is likewise anxious to get rid of them all once and for all, badgers Rose to learn more about the gang and their upcoming court case.

Rose Delaney agrees to look into it and chooses to investigate if Cash is under any threats that she should be aware of. When she does, she discovers that a hit has been placed on him in an effort to get retribution, which is the worst possible news.

Despite Xander’s assertion that Cash has to be aware of the danger he is facing, Rose believes that, given what he has already been through, it would be best for him to remain in the dark.

Rose chooses to tell Cash that she believes Xander is correct, and when she does, he appears unfazed, thanking her for the information and requesting that she leave.

But the following day, Cash visits the police station and asks Rose if he may examine the information that she observed on the hit. His inquisitiveness has gotten the better of him.

Rose is hesitant, in part because of the potential consequences of consenting, but she quickly changes her mind. Cash looks, and he is horrified to discover that the death reward has only been placed at $10,000.

Cash urges Rose to agree to keep the information hidden from Felicity while she puts pressure on the task team to solve the motorcycle gang’s problems before it’s too late.

Will Rose, however, be true to her word, and will Cash quickly discover that there is nowhere for him to run from the group that wants him dead?

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