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Home and Away reveals suspicious death in dark storyline

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A secret crime is confirmed.

According to Home and Away, Heather Fraser might be a covert murderer.

The startling information was revealed during Australia’s triple episode airing on Thursday, which featured dramatic sequences as the protracted Heather tale came to a climax.

For several weeks, Heather has been coercing her long-lost mother Marilyn Chambers and attempting to turn her family against her.

In the dramatic climax of the plot, Heather’s extravagant revenge scheme involved luring Marilyn, Alf Stewart, Roo Stewart, Leah Patterson, and Irene Roberts to a lavish mansion.

Marilyn was sequestered by Heather who bound her to a chair in an upper room. She made a sick decision and hooked up a TV so Marilyn could see what was happening to her pals in the dining room below.

Then, in order to tie them up as well, Heather drugged the drinks of Alf, Roo, Leah, and Irene. This led them to pass unconscious at the table.

When everyone was awake again, Heather dragged Marilyn downstairs and made her confess to leaving her when she was a baby.

Heather revealed her intense sorrow at Marilyn’s choice to leave Heather to be raised by a stepmother and a father who didn’t care.

When Justin Morgan became concerned about the Summer Bay favorites going missing, local police officers Cash Newman and Rose Delaney were drawn into the disturbing situation.

With assistance from further police sources, Cash and Rose looked into the matter and discovered a dead body in Heather’s stepmother’s house.

It appears to be Heather’s mother, or stepmother, whatever she was, Rose said. “They haven’t discovered an ID yet.

“Since the body was discovered in a chest freezer, it can’t be from natural causes.”

The woman had been dead for a while, and the early discoveries indicated that Heather had likely killed the victim before moving to the Bay.

A few months prior, Heather’s father had also passed away, but his demise was due to natural causes.

Alf was placed in a perilous situation back at the mansion when his spiked drink increased his cardiac condition, which resulted in breathing difficulties.

Heather, who obviously wanted Marilyn and her friends to suffer as long as they could, obstinately refused to allow anyone to call an ambulance for Alf.

Thank goodness, police arrived quickly to save Alf, Roo, Leah, and Irene from the dining room.

Marilyn was taken to an upstairs balcony by Heather, who was still not through assaulting her, and was dragged over the edge. But when Heather lost her balance and collapsed, she was finally stopped in her tracks.

Heather was fortunate to have avoided major injuries, but she was saddened to learn that Marilyn had severed all links with her at the hospital. Will she now be prosecuted for all of her crimes?

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