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Home and Away Spoilers – Dean discovers Ziggy is pregnant!

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Coming up this week on Home and Away in Australia, Ziggy worries how Dean will react when she tells him she’s pregnant, while Tane tells Felicity that Cash needs to move out…

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), who had just started living the dream the previous week, was abruptly pulled back to reality when she learned she was expecting a child.

Because she felt that she and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) had become too conventional in their relationship, Ziggy was thrilled when Dean planned a surprise surfing trip for the two of them.

A few weeks ago, they had intended to take a road trip to visit Ziggy’s sister Coco in Cairns, but their expedition was derailed when Ziggy hired Theo (Matt Evans) as an apprentice mechanic.

However, their most recent trip was similarly cut short when Dean discovered that Jai’s mother Amber (Maddy Jevic) had forgotten to inform him until the very last minute that Jai was scheduled to participate in a footy gala (played by River Jarvis).

Even though Ziggy insisted she was okay with going back home, the thought of what might have been was enough to make her melancholy.

Ziggy became frustrated as she watched Theo fulfil his own ambition of becoming the new lead singer of the band Lyrik since her biggest fan Justin (James Stewart) insisted on showing her innumerable social media posts and images.

While going up and down the coast to compete in surf competitions was still something Ziggy yearned for, she was honest with Dean that she realised it was impossible given their respective responsibilities in the bay.

Dean instructed Ziggy to pursue her aspirations no matter what after Mackenzie (Emily Weir) advised him to do so. After seeing Ziggy surfing at the beach, Dean advised Ziggy to do so. She doesn’t have to make a decision; she can leave and sign up for surf competitions, and when she gets back home, he will be waiting for her.

Ziggy went to an event in Avoca Beach with fresh vigour and was overjoyed to take first place!

Her announcement that a city surf store had already committed to sponsor her upon her return to the bay gave the impression that something significant was about to get underway.

That was until Ziggy went for another surf, and suffered a dizzy spell.

Friend and recent Summer Bay doc When Bree (Juliet Godwin) saw the situation, she immediately inquired as to whether Ziggy may be expecting.

Sure enough, a quick home pregnancy test confirmed Bree’s suspicions.

This week, Ziggy is faced with a major decision. Not only is she apprehensive about Dean’s reaction, but she is also debating if she really wants to carry out a pregnancy at this time in her life.

It’s a huge question mark,” Sophie told TV Week. “A lot of women go through this, feeling like they have to make a choice, particularly those in professional sport.

“They don’t always go hand in hand all the time,” Sophie continued. “She got everything she wanted. Surfing is her dream.

When Dean brings home a hamper and some beers to celebrate Ziggy’s win, her immediate reaction is to hide the test.

This is just the start,” Dean excitedly tells her. “You are on a roll, the sky’s the limit.

Ziggy is forced to spend the rest of the afternoon suffering in silence, but later that night she can no longer keep her dilemma to herself.

I don’t really know how to say this,” she nervously tells Dean. “I don’t really know what to do and I don’t know to feel… I’m pregnant…

Dean is delighted by the information; just last week, he was expressing to John (Shane Withington) how much he was enjoying being Jai’s father and how everything in his life was perfect. However, he is also aware of Ziggy’s precarious situation.

When she was with Brody, she wanted a family but he changed her mind as to whether that was going to happen [after cheating on her]” Sophie added. “Then when she began dating Dean, she decided she didn’t want children.

She is torn between following a dream she always had to the one she has now.

Will Ziggy leave her surf dreams behind and keep the baby?

Cash’s (Nicholas Cartwright) path to recuperation encounters a roadblock somewhere in Summer Bay.

Despite the fact that physically Cash is recovering from the shootout with the biker gang where he was left battling for his life, Bree and Cash’s sister Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) are worried about his mental health.

Flick pleaded with Bree and the nursing staff to keep a tight eye on Cash while she was away because they had seen their father commit himself after suffering from depression.

Cash had recently found out that his girlfriend Jasmine (Sam Frost) had broken up with him, as if killing his first criminal weren’t enough to deal with.

Cash insisted on being released from the hospital despite his struggles with being cooped up there. Bree was worried that he might go too soon, but she couldn’t ignore his mental condition, so she released him with the condition that he move in with Flick at the Parata residence.

While Tane (Ethan Browne) was content to let Cash stay, this week he points out that if Cash were to stop any longer, there is a very significant fault in the plan.

Tane had decided to team up with Rose (Kirsty Marillier) to take down the bikie group, which is why the stakeout occurred in the first place. Tane’s cover had to be kept a secret, therefore as part of that scheme, both Tane and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) had to be detained and accused.

Tane and Nik had come under pressure from the surf club committee as they expressed their dissatisfaction, but they were unable to notify anyone outside of their immediate group. Tane fell on his sword to save Nik’s lifesaving work, but until the trial, his lease at the gym is still being questioned.

Tane and Nik would be in grave danger and it could possibly jeopardise the ongoing case if the bikie gang found out that they were housing a police officer.

Where else could Cash go since it seems unlikely that he would want to return to the beach house that holds memories of Jasmine?

Home and Away’s Ziggy finds out she’s pregnant – but will she go through with it?

Home and Away’s Sophie Dillman weighs in on having children with boyfriend Patrick O’Connor

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