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Home and Away spoilers: Does Bree Cameron have SECRET feelings for Remi?

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After admitting on Home and Away that she is married, Bree Cameron (played by Juliet Godwin) has put Remi Carter (Adam Rowland) firmly in the friend zone (1:45pm – see our TV Guide for listings).

Jacob, Bree’s spouse, is currently at a job but plans to finally visit her in Summer Bay.

The friend zone seems to be Remi’s compromise—better it’s than nothing!

The Australian soap opera’s current episode features a brunch hangout between Bree and a tipsy Remi.

It’s obvious that Bree and Remi still enjoy each other’s company.

Remi, however, declines Bree’s invitation to stay longer, claiming that he has band rehearsal, and leaves.

Later on that day, though, Bree is out surfing when she notices Remi out on a date with another woman.

She is aware that he made up the band practise.

But WHY is Bree so irritated by seeing Remi with a different woman?

Does she harbour love sentiments for him in secret?

It’s the morning after the night before for Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo) and Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright).

Cash tries to seduce Eden into spending the morning with him in bed.

But before Eden can make a decision about SECRET LOVER Cash, someone interrupts their morning romance!


Emily Weir’s character, Mackenzie Booth, is starting to question whether she was too quick to cancel Lyrik’s next performances at Salt.

Mackenzie makes an effort to be likeable and renegotiate with Justin Morgan, the band’s new management (James Stewart).

However, Justin now has absolute control after securing a new place for Lyrik to perform.

However, Mackenzie is more than welcome to draught an offer and present it to the group.

Will Justin and Mackenzie reach an agreement?

Kirsty Marillier’s character, Rose Delaney, struggles with what to say in her statement regarding her police colleague Cash’s use of excessive force after apprehending the thief.

The Senior Constable feels deceived when Rose tells Cash she will reveal the truth.

Cash begs Rose not to tell the truth in an intense exchange.

The only positive aspect of his life that still exists is his police work.


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