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Home and Away spoilers: Ethan Browne reveals ‘beautiful’ twist for Tane after dark bikies storyline

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As viewers are aware, when the bikies first arrived in Summer Bay, they completely flipped Tane’s life upside down. The villainous Tex Wheeler (Lucas Linehan) in particular proved to be a pain in Tane’s side.

In the meantime, Rose started dating the motorcycle gang leader, but after learning the full scope of her man’s wrongdoing, she enlisted Tane’s help in a very specific mission: eliminating Tex!

During the Channel 5 soap opera’s episode on Friday, September 9, Tane landed up at the bikie headquarters as part of his assignment, wearing a wire and prepared to gather the intelligence required to vanquish his adversaries.

Ethan Brown, who plays Tane, said of the scenes that follow, “Tane is terrified, but he knows it must be done to put a stop to it all.”

He finds it challenging to get what he needs because Marty and Tex are cunning criminals, but he eventually succeeds in his objective as the two criminals go over the specifics of the money laundering scheme!

Rose, who is observing from a nearby van, is ecstatic to have the proof needed to catch the culprits.

After learning the facts, Ethan acknowledges that Tane is aware that there is still a “far way to go,” but things quickly take a terrible turn when Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) is shot during the ensuing raid on the bikie headquarters!

The actor claimed that while Tane is obviously stunned by the announcement, his main concern right now is for Felicity and how she would react to the information.

We don’t yet know what will happen to Cash, and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) will soon turn out to be the least of Tane’s worries because Ethan warns us that despite Tane’s mission being successful, there will still be more upheaval.

The actor added, “Everyone in the Bay is constantly in everyone else’s business.” Because Tane and Nikau must maintain the secret, “it becomes difficult for them.”

Despite this, the serial actor did promise something a little more ‘lovely’ for his character to experience after the bikie storyline.

Consider us interested by his claim that “something beautiful will emerge from these gloomy times”!

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