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Home and Away Spoilers – Horror in Summer Bay as Stevie is shot

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A gunshot sounds in the bay the next week on Home and Away in the UK; has Stevie’s stalker found their target? Justin intervenes to rescue the day when one of Stevie’s co-stars becomes ill.

Next week, work on Catherine Van-Davies’ newest movie, All Our Tomorrows, will finally begin in Summer Bay. However, director Nelson (Mahesh Jadu) quickly encounters some difficulties with his performers.

Since Stevie did not want to lose Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) as her bodyguard, she had been the one to bring the production to Summer Bay. When she asked Cash if she could have him back on the shoot, he said that he didn’t want to abandon his girlfriend Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), who was dealing with family matters.

In response, even though pre-production was already far along for the intended mountain cabin location, Stevie invited Nelson and other members of the production crew to Summer Bay to propose it as a filming location.

Eventually Nelson realized there was promise, and the transaction was done when Stevie agreed to cover the moving costs. It’s also possible that being friends with local Bree (Juliet Godwin) influenced his choice.

Renowned horror actress Stevie’s career has taken a new turn with the romantic comedy, as the passing of her co-star Crystal (Sheridan Harbridge) in Death Throes forced her to leave her comfort zone and pursue her aspirations.

But Stevie is battling other demons. She’s thinking about her stalker Sidney (Joshua McElroy), who tried to attack her during a movie press conference a few weeks ago. She also feels as though her informal relationship with Remi (Adam Rowland) has ended abruptly.

As the week was coming to an end, Stevie was experiencing a lack of confidence. On the first day of the shoot, she told Cash she wasn’t attending since she felt like a fake actor.

When we return to the scene next week, Nelson is at the beach wondering where his star has got to. Alf (Ray Meagher) and John (Shane Withington) are nearby, and Alf has a newfound respect for the crew after seeing how hard they’re working.

When Nelson questions Alf about why John didn’t show up as scheduled, Alf graciously provides a cover tale. Nelson compliments Alf on his recent Sunrise performance. Nelson is mostly concerned about Stevie’s sudden absence, though, as neither Stevie nor Cash are returning his calls.

Back at Cash’s place, Stevie’s hitting the booze as Cash tries his best to convince her to show up on set.

“It’s sad to see Stevie unravel and drink her way through her issue,” Nicholas Cartwright told Australian magazine TV Week. “I think Cash really sees the best in Stevie and it’s hard to see her as anything other than a plucky go-getter, but it also humanises her for him.”

Cash tells Stevie that he knows she’s doing it tough with the court case coming up, but she’s not on her own. It does little to placate Stevie however, as Cash continues to field calls from Nelson in the hope of biding some time.

Stevie takes the phone out of Nelson’s hand before he can answer it when Cash calls. By now, Cash has had enough and instructs Stevie to go sober up in the shower while he calls Nelson to let him know she will be on set in twenty minutes.

Stevie confides in Cash about her sincere belief that she is incapable of completing this task, and the shower does little to lift her spirits or her sobriety. She aspires to be competent in her field as well as a celebrity.

Cash tells her that even though he despises horror movies, he was captivated by Death Throes because she made him feel something for the character. Isn’t that the reason she works there?

When Nelson realizes that Stevie is a little tipsy, he isn’t too impressed, even if she has finally made it to set. Nelson tells Cash that this can’t happen again and gives her the instruction to put on cosmetics.

After Stevie’s little incident, the production gets back on track, but later in the week, when Nelson finds out that one of the bit players injured his ankle, there’s another crisis. Cash was instantly ruled out as the incorrect build because the uniform is specially manufactured, therefore anyone cannot assume the position.

Nelson, nevertheless, spots someone who might be ideal after all. As he approaches the set with Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Theo (Matt Evans), Justin (James Stewart) is preoccupied with lamenting the fact that he can’t go surfing in the morning.

When Justin notices Nelson staring at him, he’s perplexed and he approaches uncomfortably when he’s called over. Stevie asks Justin about his desire to be in a movie while Nelson follows him about and assesses him.

“He’ll do it!” Leah jumps in after Nelson tells him he would have to be performance-ready extremely quickly.

Before Justin has a chance to process everything, he finds himself in a valet’s uniform on the beach. prepared to film his film debut beside the renowned Stevie Marlow!

Having previously worked as a band manager and a garage owner, is Justin going to pursue a new career path?

The day after, while they film one of the main climax sequences in the film, Stevie returns to the beach with co-star Troy (Samuel Stevenson).

When Cash’s employer calls when he’s up in Salt, it chills him to the bone. Sydney, Stevie’s stalker, was miraculously freed on bond after being placed under remand as he awaited his trial!

As soon as Cash realizes that Stevie is in grave danger, he dashes out of the club and down the steps to the shore.

Cash doesn’t realize that he’s being targeted by an invisible sniper as he dashes along the pathway; the assailant then quickly moves on to Stevie.

As Cash desperately yells out Stevie’s name, a deafening shot rings out across the beach…

Has the marksman hit his target?

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