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Home and Away Spoilers – Lyrik’s success threatens to tear them apart

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Over the past two weeks, Lyrik’s future has been in doubt as new lead vocalist Theo (Matt Evans) began an illicit connection with keyboardist Kirby (Angelina Thomson).

Due to the impact it had on the band’s internal politics, Kirby, guitarist Remi (Adam Rowland), and bassist Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), as well as the band’s current lead singer Bob (Rob Mallett), swiftly agreed to place a ban on any future intraband relationships.

That is, up until Theo entered the picture. Their relationship had been on the verge of developing when Kirby originally told him that the band had to come first, but she eventually gave in.

Last week, Kirby made the decision to tell Eden and Remi about their relationship when Theo decided he couldn’t bear to keep it a secret any longer.

Eden and Remi were willing to give Theo and Kirby their blessing despite their concern that it would end badly. as long as they don’t separate and cause a complication!

After getting beyond that obstacle, the band must focus on public relations this week. Remi tells Kirby over the phone that she and Theo are working on it, but in reality, they haven’t even begun because they’ve been so preoccupied with each other. Bob was good at handling the publicity side of things, and Kirby acknowledges that it is the one thing she misses about him. She is completely clueless!

As John (Shane Withington) listens on from the adjacent table, the two begin brainstorming but struggle with ideas.

They are too busy to accept Justin’s (James Stewart) offer to treat them to lunch. Theo is reminded by Justin that he had over 50,000 followers on social media last year thanks to his participation in video challenges with Ryder (Lukas Radovich).

Kirby is astonished by what she just heard and remarks that if Theo were to reactivate his account, that’s 50,000 members they could tap into right away! Fortunately, Justin leaves to accompany John to lunch in its place.

John isn’t overly impressed by Justin reminding Theo about the trending videos because it went horribly wrong the last time.

While the band works to promote themselves, Justin and Irene (Lynne McGranger) quickly point out that the only reason John is complaining is because of concern that the band would wind up producing more noise next door.

Theo decides to reactivate his account, and he and Kirby choose to release a video of the song they had been writing together because they were unable to contact Remi or Eden to record one with the entire band.

Although Kirby points out that it will have a lot more views on Theo’s personal channel than the band’s, Theo is dubious whether the missing members will accept the song being posted there.

Kirby is astonished to receive a DM from renowned music journalist Tully Dixon, who is in the neighborhood and wants to conduct an interview in an hour after the video has over 2000 hits.

The difficulty remains, though, in that they are unable to contact the other two members—Remi has left his phone at home, and Eden’s is going straight to voicemail—despite realizing that this may be a significant setback for the band.

Theo and Kirby must do the interview alone because Tully (Joshua Vergona) is unable to wait around once he gets at the residence.

Tully quickly realizes that they are dating, so he decides to modify the interview’s perspective because a good love story will attract more clicks.

Before leaving, Tully snaps a few pictures of the two, and Eden and Remi are shocked to find Tully Dixon exiting their backyard when they get home!

When Eden and Remi learn what they’ve missed, they are furious and immediately make analogies to the time Kirby and Bob were dating, complaining that they are now being ignored because another pair is in the band.

When Eden finally realized that her phone’s battery was dead, Kirby, Theo, and Theo pointed out that they had been attempting to call them all afternoon.

Eden and Remi are made to eat humble pie, and the band raises a toast to their future success as Kirby hands him Remi’s misplaced phone.

The following day, when the article is published online, it is not well received. Theo and Kirby’s relationship and how the sexy “duo” of Lyrik are backed by their “backing musicians” are topics covered throughout the entire documentary.

Theo and Kirby are horrified as they attempt to persuade Eden and Remi that they were duped, but neither of them is in the mood for justifications, so they both depart and request some privacy from Theo and Kirby.

When Eden and Remi read the story again and find the video that Theo and Kirby shared, things only become worse. They’ve never heard of it before!

What a cute little couple they are. Remi takes note. Who are we, if they are Lyrik?

Will the band be torn apart by Theo and Kirby’s sincere intentions?

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