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Home and Away Spoilers – Tane and Rose team up to take down Tex

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Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Rose uncovers Tex’s true identity as the bikies put their gym plan into action, whilst Nikau faces the wrath of Dean…

When Rose first met Tex (Lucas Linehan) a few weeks previously, it served as a helpful diversion from her love for Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), the boyfriend of Rose’s stepsister Jasmine (Sam Frost).

Rose had no idea that Tex was conducting a parallel life, though. Tex, a Death Adders biker, was actually sent to Summer Bay to investigate the Parata family.

It turned out that the armed robbery against the gang, for which the recently deceased Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) had previously served time in prison.

The gang leader Marty (Ben Wood) has decided that the new owner Tane (Ethan Browne) must be the one to pay it back, and he’ll do it by allowing a gang member to work there in order to launder money via the firm. The money was later used by Ari and Mia (Anna Samson) to purchase the gym.

Tane sent Ari’s stepdaughter Chloe (Sam Barrett) to live in New Zealand for her security as threats against the family increased in an effort to get him to agree, and he soon understood why Tex was so sure of himself.

Guess we know why he’s not scared of cops,” he observed to Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) after spotting Tex kissing Rose. “He’s sleeping with one.

Tane could only say that her lover was not who he seemed to be when Rose noticed the tension between her and Tex. It was enough to pique Rose’s interest because online searches for Tex’s name came up empty.

The next week, Rose’s memories of Tane’s statements are still fresh, and the mystery deepens after finding out why Tex abruptly quit working at the campground. Tane is growing anxious because the job he had mentioned at the gym is due soon and Tex isn’t returning Rose’s calls.

When Tex finally reappears in Summer Bay, he apologises to Rose, he’s not used to having anyone to worry about him.

As Tex drives off, having agreed to meet Rose later in the day, Rose decides to run a check on his licence plate.

She discovers that Tex’s real name is actually Leigh Wheeler, and he’s a known bikie associate!

As a police officer, Rose approaches Tex and asks him if he only got involved with her on a dare because she can’t be with someone like him. Tex acknowledges that at first it did seem like way, but he really did fall for her.

Rose goes along as Tex uses all his charm by requesting that he allow her some time to reflect. It will have to remain totally private between them in the meanwhile.

Heading round to the Parata house, Rose tells Tane that she knows the truth about Tex, and she wants to know what’s going on between them…

Tane resolves to tell Rose what’s going on against the Parata norm, but they are cut off by Tane’s phone, which informs them that his new “employee” has arrived at the gym.

After being provided the gym’s bank account information, Genevieve creates a month’s worth of new members to account for the huge amount of cash being placed. Tex introduces Tane to Genevieve.

Tex reassures Tane that Genevieve is skilled in what she’s doing despite Tane’s certainty that it will appear suspicious.

Rose informs Tane that removing Chloe from the situation was the appropriate move because Marty is dangerous and has been charged with kidnapping, gun possession, and attempted murder.

She also mentions that they can look for the bikies’ headquarters using Tane’s phone’s location records.

There is no way Rose can guarantee Tane’s safety, therefore she must enquire as to how far he will go to bring things to an end.

Whatever it takes“, Tane replies….

The next day, there’s a commotion at the bikie HQ when their guards drag an unexpected visitor inside—it’s Tane.

Isn’t this a nice surprise,” Marty exclaims.

What is Tane up to?

Nik is upset that Tane appears to be complying with Tex’s requests, especially after he broke up with Bella (Courtney Miller) to keep her safe.

When Emily Weir’s Mackenzie tells Dean (Patrick O’Connor) that she’s spoken to Emmett (J.R. Reyne), Bella’s coworker, she questions why Dean didn’t inform her that Nik and Bella had broken up.

It’s news to Dean, who is shocked to hear of the development, and he immediately tries phoning Bella in New York.

When Dean heads up to the club to confront him, a defeated Nik isn’t in the mood for an argument—he already knows he’s a piece of dirt. Dean backs off, commenting to Mac that Nik seems just as miserable as Bella…. something not right here.

When Flick learns the news from Mac, he is likewise taken aback. Flick had to play stupid in front of Mac, claiming that it must have just been the distance even though she immediately understands why Nik did it after being told the truth about the bikies.

When Dean finally gets to talk to Nik, he changes tact and calmly asks why he broke up with Bella.

Nik claims that he was just sick of her not being around, but Dean can see through him—he’s more miserable than ever.

Dean insists that Nik and Bella can work things out but Nik doesn’t want to hear it.

After Dean finally speaks to Bella, he informs Mac that she’s devastated. Nik completely blindsided her and refused to give any sort of explanation.

That isn’t the only thing though, with no Nik to return to, Bella has decided to stay in New York… permanently.

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