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Home and Away Spoilers – Tane calls off his and Felicity’s engagement

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Just over a week ago, Tane (Ethan Browne) proposed to girlfriend Felicity (Jacqui Purvis). He undoubtedly believed that it would be one of the happiest times of her life, but he is unaware of the stress it has placed on her.

Flick didn’t picture herself settling down into a married life with children, and the two had previously discussed their different outlooks on life. However, a year later, Tane hoped that she might have changed her mind.

Flick temporarily stumbled and stepped away to take a moment while Tane dropped down on one knee up at Summer Bay’s lighthouse, with Lyrik delivering a beautiful song and their loved ones surrounding them.

Tane reassured her that there was no pressure to respond, but when Flick noticed everyone staring at her, she had to respond.

When they gathered for some celebration drinks in Salt, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) could tell that Flick was fighting to keep things together and quickly chastised her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), who was involved in the scheme, for not warning her what was about to happen.

Felicity broke down as Mac brought her to the storeroom for a private conversation and admitted that everything had been a nightmare; she just didn’t want to offend or hurt Tane by rejecting him.

Mac remarked that nothing would need to change; the only difference would be a ring on her finger when Flick said she could joyfully picture herself spending the rest of her life with Tane.

Flick reasoned that she probably just needed some time to adjust to the notion after Mac noted that people can remain engaged for years and that this does not necessarily mean she will soon be walking down the aisle.

The Parata whanau in New Zealand, who were all anxious to learn out when the big day would be, had already seen Nikau’s (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) video of the proposal, which didn’t help matters.

This week, Flick’s self-doubt over her suitability to wed Tane has persisted.

Jacqui told Yahoo Lifestyle that the woman “doesn’t believe she is good enough and is going through a little bit of an identity crisis.” She fears commitment so much because everyone she loved has abandoned her.

She confides in Cash about the stress she’s under, but Cash isn’t as understanding as she’d want.

After learning that he had been considering proposing to his girlfriend Jasmine (Sam Frost),

discarded when she failed to arrive home on time— Cash believes that Flick should be happy that he or she has a significant other.

Jacqui continued, “It gives her a time to re-calibrate and lets her see it from another point of view.

Tane is starting to realize that Flick isn’t quite on board, and when he prods her for an explanation, he realizes where she is coming from.

Tane shockingly puts off the wedding after realizing Flick isn’t willing to commit to him.

Has Flick lost the love of her life as a result of her hesitation over the wedding?

After his unexpected arrival last week, Bree (Juliet Godwin) is frantically attempting to appease her abusive husband Jacob (Alex Williams) in another part of Summer Bay.

Jacob grew envious as soon as he saw Bree talking to Remi (Adam Rowland) in Salt and claimed she was seeing someone else. Jacob became even more enraged when Bree’s coworker Xander (Luke Van Os) came by and said hi, and he questioned whether she was friendly with every man in town.

Remi already knew how Jacob would react when he first saw him, but his anxiety for Bree only made things worse when Jacob received a text from him.

Bree tried to get Remi to stay away to prevent the problem from getting worse, but when Jacob found out about the covert call, he beat her.

Bree was unable to conceal her bust-up lip while at the hospital, and Remi quickly realized what was happening, despite Bree’s hasty denials. However, the news that Jacob had arrived and was evidently eager to see where Bree worked cut short their talk.

Remi gets sidetracked this week while the band records a music video for their most recent song up at the lighthouse.

Remi responds that not everything is about her when Eden confronts him, thinking that their argument is about Cash.

Remi ultimately agrees to inform Eden of Bree’s situation with the condition that she keeps her information to herself.

Eden, however, is so outraged by what she has heard that she is unable to ignore it when they run into Jacob outside the surf club.

Jacob criticizes her tone and says Remi needs to keep Eden in check.

Eden asks quietly, “What are you going to do?” “Hit me?”

Later, Remi corrects Eden for her remark after warning her about Jacob’s danger.

Eden responds that Jacob doesn’t frighten her, but Remi clarifies that he isn’t actually concerned about Eden. If Jacob suspects Bree has been speaking, what will he do to her?

However, it appears that the warning came too late because Bree is compelled to go to Remi’s house and advise him to keep out of matters because he is only making things worse.

Remi declares, “I’m not going to act like I don’t know what he’s doing to you.

“Please… Just don’t get involved,” Bree replies angrily.

Remi is now faced with a choice: will he speak up or comply with Bree’s requests in order to make her life easier?

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