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Home and Away teases mystery tragedy and more 2023 storylines

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Shocks, secrets and surprises.

Finding out what your favorite soap opera characters will be doing soon is never too early.

Aussie favorite Home and Away’s 2023 storylines have been released by TV Tonight, and they hint at a mystery that will rock Summer Bay.

An unnamed “tragedy” that would rock the cherished beachfront community to its foundation and upend the lives of the characters.

Even though we still don’t know much more about this unfortunate incident, it appears that there will be other shocking scenes in Home and Away next year.

The soap opera has hinted at a “high-octane” season, with surprising former characters poised to wreck havoc on the bay as well as newcomers.

Although persistent rumors surround Ethan Browne’s potential exit from the soap opera, the original story makes no mention of characters leaving the show.

Browne, who plays Tane Parata, joked that he’ll continue to work on Home and Away “forever,” putting an end to rumors that he would be leaving the show soon.

He responded to Yahoo! Lifestyle with “No, I dunno,” adding, “Got a few more years in me I think.”

Was he just trying to confuse the audience’s focus? You’d better keep an eye out for any and all hints.

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