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Home and Away teases shocking hostage drama in Heather and Marilyn story

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Heather takes things to another level.

A frightening hostage drama involving Heather and Marilyn has been promised by Home and Away.

Newcomer Heather continues to wreak revenge on Marilyn in new promotional clip that they shared to their Instagram account, holding a number of the locals prisoner.

Heather calls all of Marilyn’s close friends to a house and declares, “She stole everything away from me, now I’m going to do the same to her.” Heather is apparently telling the friends what Marilyn had been keeping from them.

“Your buddies aren’t really aware of who you are. That’ll be fixed, she promises.

A few seconds later, Marilyn is shown being kept prisoner while restrained to a chair and wearing a gag over her lips.

For the UK audience, Heather has only recently joined the show, while Australian viewers have been getting to know her for a month.

Heather is Marilyn’s long-lost daughter, as episodes that have shown in Australia have revealed. In the 1990s, Marilyn was a housekeeper who had a relationship with her boss. She found out she was pregnant when they were dating.

When the baby was born, Heather was under pressure from her lover and his wife to give the child up. That youngster eventually became Heather. And Heather just had one goal in mind when she arrived at Summer Bay after finding her mother.

Marilyn and Heather have a talk where things seem to be improving between the two when Marilyn finally puts the puzzle pieces together and realizes that Heather is her daughter. However, Heather returns to plotting retaliation when Marilyn urges her to keep their relationship a secret because she cannot tolerate having kept such a significant secret from all of her friends.

She has invited all of Marilyn’s friends to hear who she really is, so it appears that she is prepared to take matters into her own hands.

What will occur after that? There is only one way to learn.

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