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Home and Away veteran Ray Meagher breaks down in tears on This is your Life as Kate Ritchie and Chris Hemsworth pay tribute

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Former cast members including Kate Ritchie and Chris Hemsworth paid tribute to the Home and Away icon.

After being honored for his 30 years of service on Home and Away, Ray Meagher was brought to tears.

The 78-year-old reflected on his experience while surrounded by well-known former cast mates like Chris Hemsworth and Kate Ritchie.

Meagher, who debuted in the first episode of the Channel 7 serial in January 1988, is the only original cast member still involved.

Ritchie sat next to her former co-star and pal on an episode of This Is Your Life with Melissa Doyle and gripped his hand.

Between 1988 to 2008, Ritchie rose to fame in the soap opera as Sally Fletcher.

Ritchie clung to Meagher’s hand and remarked, “Ray represents truly so much of what I learned as a performer and as a human.

And because we’ve both played those characters for such a long time, they include a lot of us.

So, I saw two buddies in the video when I viewed it. He has seen me change from a young girl to a woman, and he is quite proud of me. So I’m happy I made you happy. She responded, “Thank you, as Meagher seemed visibly moved.

And it is still true,” Meagher reaffirmed.

‘Godfather of Australian television’

Hemsworth sent his former co-star a video message of congratulations in addition to sharing a tribute.

In a video that looked to be taken in a hotel room, he declared, “Ray Meagher, godfather of Australian television, a fiery icon, my hero.”

“What can I say, mate? When I first met you, you were surrounded by a lovely glow. White birds are circling your head. Eagles might have been among them.

“We drew nearer as our eyes met. I inhaled deeply, reasoning that he probably isn’t a hugger. The Thor actor remarked, “I lifted my hand and dashed towards the wardrobe department.

“Because, mate, I had lost my nerve. But as it turned out, you approached me and told me, “You’re going to do great here.” Throughout my entire career, you have been a supporter. I really appreciate it, friend.

I cherish you. You are a precious friend.

Hemsworth’s role as Kim Hyde in the serial opera, which he played from 2004 to 2007, provided him with his first break in the business.

Meagher has remained, consistently showing up on screens even as other cast members came and gone from the made-up Summer Bay.

He presently holds the record for the longest acting tenure in an Australian television series in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Meagher said it was “absolutely great, you forget all those things” and “quite overpowering” while appearing on This Is Your Life.

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