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Home and Away’s Dan Ewing responds to fans waiting for his return

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Dan Ewing shot to fame as Heath Braxton on Home and Away in 2011, and his career has continued to take off since his departure in 2014.

The star sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to reveal whether he’d ever return to the soap, how excited he is for Comic Con, and what’s next for his career.

Fans of Home and Away have been clamouring for the fan favourite, who has frequently returned to Summer Bay, to do so.

He acknowledges that the door is always open for a comeback even though he is currently concentrating on his film career.

You never say never, you know. I’m one of the actors that genuinely enjoys thinking back on my time on Home and Away. A large number of the show’s actors don’t. He declares, “I effing love Home and Away; it transformed my life.

While Lincoln’s character was killed off when he left, soaps have been known to bring characters back from the dead.

‘It’s great to be back’

The SAS actor is preparing for Comic Con in Brisbane, where he will meet fans at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, which takes place this weekend.

The actor is eagerly anticipating Australia’s first Comic Con since Covid.

Wonderful to be back. To have live concerts and such things,” he states before adding that he is anticipating “the energy.”

Heath Braxton or Cap from Adore and Monsters are frequent costumes worn by his admirers, and the actor claims to love the ‘creativity’.

He wants to urge everyone to come and say hi even if it can be challenging to recognise people who have attended prior cons.

“I’m really good with faces and names, but [I’ll be] talking to someone — I have no idea who it is until the mask comes off!” he tells us.

‘Immensely challenging’

The actor will take on the challenging part of Ron Levonde in the independent film Godless: The Eastfield Exorcist.

While the plot of the movie has mostly remained a secret so far, it is a dark horror movie inspired by Australian true crimes.

The actor jumped at the chance to be a part of the “genre-bending” movie and said it allowed him to expand his range.

He explains, before adding that he travelled to “dark places” for the role, “It was tremendously demanding, and it was the worst shot I’ve done emotionally.”

He continues, “I was so blown away by the depth and the veracity, and how it true it is, supported by many very public cases.

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