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Home and Away’s Justin Morgan receives bad news after Theo Poulos drama

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He gets a disappointing phone call.

Today’s UK first-look episode of Home and Away features Justin Morgan having to deal with the repercussions of his recent drama with adultery (August 8).

Justin recently went too far by completing an assignment for Theo Poulos, a nephew of Leah Patterson who is enrolled in a TAFE (Technical and Further Education) programme and learning to be a mechanic.

Theo made the right decision by choosing to submit his own work rather than Justin’s, but complications ensued when an unaware Justin told TAFE about the alleged cheating.

In the UK first-look episode of 5STAR airing on Monday, Theo is awaiting the outcomes of a recent exam with trepidation.

Theo was asked to complete some testing-related activities in order to demonstrate his competence and dispel any fraud suspicions.

After the current conflict, Justin makes repeated attempts to mend fences with Theo after observing his nervousness.

This is rejected by Theo, who continues to hold Justin responsible for all of his problems.

Theo passed his exam, according to news that is received later.

Theo is happy that he is no longer seen as a cheater, even though he didn’t get the assignment’s initial 80 percent score.

After rejoicing over the excellent news, Justin becomes downcast after getting a disappointing call.

After crossing the line with Theo in the manner he did, Justin is informed that he can no longer instruct apprentices at TAFE.

What will this mean for the future of Theo’s apprenticeship?

Theo actor Matt Evans recently discussed with Digital Spy how audience responses to his character have evolved recently.

They no longer dislike him and have begun to like him, he declared. I think the public’s opinion of Theo has completely changed. People assumed he was a cocky young child when he first arrived because of his ego and his outward appearance, but there was undoubtedly more to him than that.

“He was able to resolve his issues, and I believe that the people can now relate to him. People can now understand him because his cheeky side is slightly more cute than naughty.

When asked if it had always been the intention to win over Theo, Matt responded, “For me personally, sure! There were times when I found it difficult to play some of the games I needed to because I felt like such a mischievous child, which is so unlike me.

“I wanted to soften him while still retaining the cheeky, enjoyable, and sardonic side, which I believe I’ve accomplished. It obviously depends on the plot and the experiences he has, but I still want to be able to maintain the cheeky, jovial side of him that I still think he possesses at the moment.

“It helps being around Justin as well because when Theo is around Justin, he’s very cheeky still which I find is a fun dynamic and it works really well. But yes, it definitely was my plan!”

Also coming up this week, who is shot?

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