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Home and Away’s Tammin Sursok unrecognisable: ‘Suits you’

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Former Home and Away star Tammin Sursok has shocked fans with her dramatic transformation. The star, 39, has channelled her inner cheerleader for a new film, sporting straight blonde bangs and a heavy face of makeup.

The mother-of-two shared numerous film stills from Instagram to illustrate how challenging her new task was.

She said, “I don’t know how to express what this last month has meant to me. “About a month ago, I was given the chance to accept a video that made me uncomfortable and push myself beyond of my comfort zone.

“It was difficult because I knew there was no going back once I accepted this responsibility. I would have to pay for it. I would have to go inside some dangerous areas that I had safely sealed up in a box and pierce some nearly healed wounds. But I was forced to.”

Tammin, who is holding a pair of cheerleader pom poms and has a large blue and white bow in her high ponytail, is hardly recognisable as the bubbly cheerleader.

The Australian actress said she accepted the part to demonstrate to her girls what she was “capable” of by achieving.

“I had to prove to them that their mother was capable of learning cheer (say what?!) and performing on stage alongside dancers who were 15 years her junior. I had to demonstrate to them the power of possibility. Just colour outside the lines,” she said in her letter.

Tammin frequently portrays characters that are much younger than she is; for example, at the age of 27, she played the 17-year-old Jenna Marshall in Pretty Little Liars.

The actress did mention that the movie will be on “a streamer,” however she hasn’t yet revealed the title or the location of its release.

Her celebrity friends gushed over the Instagram post, saying she looked ‘amazing’ and that they were excited to see her new project.

“Wowwww!! I’m so friggin’ proud of you! And not to be vapid but — you are just gorgeous!” wrote TV host Dawn McCoy.

“I am screaminggggggg! When does this come out?! So proud of you!” influencer Clarissa Luna added.

“Can’t wait to see it!” Bachelorette star Ali Manno chimed in.

Fans praised Tammin for attempting something different and that the new appearance “fits her.”

“It’s crucial to occasionally step outside of our comfort zones. terrifying as hell yet crucial, “One individual wrote.

“I’m dying for these images! I’m really pleased with you! I’ve been following your journey from Home and Away, and you have made me so proud, girl!” another composed.

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