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Home and Away’s Ziggy admits issues in relationship with Dean

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Ziggy Astoni of Home and Away has acknowledged having problems with Dean Thompson.

In case you didn’t see it, Dean was quite insecure when Ziggy saved Remi Carter and they ended up locked together despite their being no romantic intentions. Ziggy made the decision to keep this a secret from Dean, which strained their friendship.


Ziggy has also taken extra precautions to avoid provoking Dean since the failed van Hunt mission because she is aware that she betrayed his confidence by lying to him about her location. She appears to be unable to get away from Remi, though.

Then, Mackenzie exhorts Ziggy to tidy up her mess while emphasizing that neither Remi nor Dean were at fault. Since neither of them told lies, Ziggy must mediate their differences.

Dean interrupts Ziggy just as she is about to apologize to Remi. Ziggy becomes alarmed and runs away from him, raising Dean’s suspicion.


Meanwhile, Mackenzie tells Ziggy and Dean to resolve their differences right now while being unimpressed by the situation and refusing to get involved.


The couple makes an effort to make up but ultimately gets into a heated dispute. Even though Dean has made it apparent he has no issues with it, Ziggy feels bad for chatting to Remi.

He then carefully tries to understand Ziggy’s remorse by suggesting that perhaps it’s because she has feelings for Remi, but Ziggy flatly rejects this concept.

Dean then inquires as to whether Remi would ever make a move on Ziggy, to which Eden angrily responds that while Remi may be a flirt, he would never pursue a relationship with a single person.

Ziggy now wonders if she could like Remi and turns to Mackenzie for advice. She is then told by Mackenzie that her relationship with Dean is relaxed. Therefore, Ziggy is drawn to Remi because of how he makes her feel rather than because of Remi herself.

She then informs Dean that she needs to feel unique and that sometimes a female needs more than just pizza, football, and beer after having a better knowledge of her own ideas.


Dean then decides to act on it by organizing an impromptu surf trip as a romantic surprise for her. Ziggy is delighted by this, but will it be sufficient to put them back on course?

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