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Home and Away’s Ziggy Astoni makes a big decision over her pregnancy

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Will she decide to keep the baby?

Home and Away’s Ziggy and Dean have learned they are expecting a child, but the news has not come at a good moment for the couple.

They decide to keep the pregnancy news quiet and consider their options before deciding what’s best, but Mackenzie soon becomes aware that something doesn’t seem right with them.

Mackenzie, who is trying to figure out what’s going on, observes that Dean is being overly watchful, particularly when Ziggy decides to go surfing at the beach. She initially assumes that he upset Ziggy with something.

Curious Mackenzie invites Ziggy to lunch in an effort to learn more, but when Ziggy declines the chance for a free shot, Mackenzie realizes what is actually going on.

Now that she feels comfortable discussing her pregnancy, Ziggy confides in Mac about her concerns regarding the timing and acknowledges that she can’t stop thinking about her potential to break into the professional surfing world.

Mackenzie believes she needs to talk to Dean and get him to tell Ziggy what he wants to do.

Dean tells Ziggy that he does want them to establish a family but adds that he promises to support her in whatever she ultimately decides to do out of concern for putting pressure on her.

Despite Dean’s encouragement, Ziggy can’t help but sense that she is under strain.

She breaks down in front of Mackenzie and confesses that she is unsure of what to do. Shortly after, she has another conversation with Dean and tells him that she does want them to carry the pregnancy through.

Dean offers her a hug while thinking about their future and is overjoyed by the news.

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