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Hostage drama in huge new Home and Away promo

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Although Heather (Sofia Nolan) has just recently made her debut on British television, Australian fans have already witnessed her torturing the citizens of Summer Bay for a little over a month.

She was later revealed to be Marilyn’s (Emily Symons) daughter, the offspring of an affair Maz once had while working as a cleaner in the country with a married man. Marilyn hasn’t seen her daughter in 27 years after the man and his wife persuaded her to give up the infant, which they later adopted for themselves.

Now that Heather has located her birth mother in Summer Bay, she hasn’t exactly placed a great priority on developing a close relationship with her daughter.

Much to Marilyn’s confusion, she spent weeks making her uncomfortable with strange looks and rude remarks.

Maz only realized who Heather truly was when Heather left Marilyn a disturbing photo of a newborn with the words “Guess who?” scrawled on the back.

After sneaking into Heather’s van and seeing the birth certificate naming Marilyn as the mother, Marilyn instantly realized that Heather was her long-lost kid. With this information, Marilyn was able to prove her claim.

When Maz and Heather recognized one other as mother and daughter, it appeared like a happy reunion was imminent. Although Heather couldn’t bear the thought of her closest friends finding out that she had been keeping such a significant secret from them for decades, she was annoyed when Maz asked her to keep the revelation between them. To Heather, it appeared as though her mother was still ashamed of Heather’s existence.

Unfortunately, Marilyn’s closest friends have taken the brunt of Heather’s problems in recent episodes.

She vandalized Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) house when Leah advised her to stop playing games, then she cut John’s (Shane Withington) tires after John objected to the way she was treating Marilyn.

Marilyn accepted responsibility for cutting John’s tires while still under Heather’s sway because she didn’t want her daughter to get into trouble and she felt responsible for Heather’s actions.

Next week’s episode of Home and Away will feature Heather pretending to want to make amends while escorting Marilyn and her pals to an opulent country estate.

But things are not as they seem, and Heather has other plans for getting back at the person who abandoned her.

The new advertisement opens with Marilyn saying, in voiceover, “When my daughter was taken from me, I feared I’d never see her again. But I’ve got her back now.

She gave me another chance. Now that we have a fresh start. I pray that she will pardon me.

Naturally, nothing will be that simple.

Maz tells her daughter, “Darling, I’m so proud of you.”

Heather responds, “You have no idea how much it means to hear that from you. “I can’t wait to see what happens next for us,” you said.

Shots of some of Heather’s earlier acts, such as sneaking into Summer Bay House as Marilyn slept and inspecting the candid photo she snapped of Marilyn at the café, are interspersed throughout the trailer before the main action starts.

The dramatic events that take place the next week take place at a big manor house in the countryside.

It appears that Heather has invited Maz, Leah, Roo (Georgie Parker), and Alf (Ray Meagher) to the house for a supper of atonement.

Roo, Alf, and Leah are seen in the foyer; Leah’s expression suggests that she is unsure about the gathering and its unhappy host.

It’s understandable that Heather hasn’t yet come to think that the Summer Bay newcomer has changed since she broke into and vandalized Leah and Justin’s (James Stewart) home just a few days ago.

Heather greets everyone as she emerges from the top of the great staircase, and then an image of her opening the doors to the opulent dining room with champagne on ice in the backdrop is shown.

A toast is then made,

“To forgiveness!”

But Heather is not at all understanding.

Heather says menacingly to her long-lost mother,

“Your pals, they don’t know who you really are.” I’ll correct that.

Then, a television in front of Marilyn shows live feeds from various rooms of the enormous home while she is confined to a chair and has her arms shackled.

When the camera pans out, Maz’s mouth is choked, making it impossible for her to scream for aid.

As Heather lifts a glass and smiles up at the camera, she can see her daughter on the CCTV.

Cry out for help wouldn’t be of much use because it appears Heather has knocked out at least some of the other visitors, making Maz not the only Summer Bay favorite in danger.

Heather says, “She took everything from me. I’m going to do the same to her now.

Leah is found motionless on the ground.

Cable ties are wrapped around Irene’s wrists, who is slumped in a chair and also unconscious.

Then, as Marilyn shouts, we see Marilyn and Heather racing through the doors.

She inquires,

“What do you want from me?”

“The reality!”

What, that I failed you as a mother and left you? Marilyn begs, “I had no option, but Heather wasn’t in the mood to listen.

Heather yells, “Liar.

The alarm is triggered for some reason, and we see Senior Constable Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) in the residence searching

through the stairwells and closets for the hostages.

Can he locate them in time?

Maz is shown gazing through the glass at the end of the

advertisement before Heather approaches from behind and strikes her

hard in the head, sending her to the ground.

“Some things are just irreversible.”

Will all of Heather’s victims survive,

considering that a preview for next Thursday’s episode states that

“Rose and Cash chase a suspected murderer”?

We anticipate Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and Xander (Luke Van Os), who were in the earlier-this-year filming, will play a role in the rescue, even if they aren’t mentioned in the commercial.

Many members of the Home and Away cast traveled to Iandra Castle, a sizable homestead in New South Wales’ Central West, in May to shoot the dramatic new scenes.

The Iandra Castle complex comprises of the actual residence, stables, surrounding gardens and parkland, a chapel, and a cemetery, although the week’s stressful hostage scenario will be focused mostly on the homestead.

For what we now know to be Heather’s forgiveness dinner, Ray Meagher, Ada Nicodemou, Georgie Parker, Emily Symons, and Lynne McGranger were all present on the shoot, dressed in vibrant attire.

Constable Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier), Senior Constable Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright), and paramedic Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os) are the three emergency service members of Summer Bay. They were also filming; images of Rose and Xander in their respective uniforms can be found on Kirsty and Ada’s Instagram accounts.

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