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Inside Balmoral: How the Royal family are coping with “the enormity” of the Queen’s death

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What’s happening behind the closed doors of Balmoral. 

The Royal family rushed to Balmoral to be by the side of Her Royal Majesty in her final hours – now a Royal expert has revealed how they are would be coping during this sombre time.

The Majesty Magazine editor-in-chief, Ingrid Seaward, discussed possible events that might be taking place at Balmoral behind closed doors with the Today show on Friday morning.

I believe it would be a fairly sombre atmosphere, she said. The enormity of it would overwhelm them, in my opinion.

William and Harry followed shortly after Charles, Camilla, and Princess Anne arrived at the estate in Scotland earlier this week; according to People, Harry only arrived after the announcement of the monarch’s passing.

Ingrid has expressed her own viewpoint on the events in Scotland as the Royal family gets ready to leave for London.

She said on the Today show, “I’m sure they’re probably sitting around and just talking very quietly, and maybe some of them have gone to bed because they have a very, really big day tomorrow.

“Prince Charles will give a speech to the country. He will take the oath of office as king. They most likely won’t stay around for a very, very late night, in my opinion.

However, given that each person interprets these circumstances differently, it is quite impossible to imagine.

“I imagine that some of them will stay up talking and having a few drinks and others will drift off to bed with their own thoughts and prayers.”

“I think it’s very tough. Especially when it’s so public,” she concluded. 

Preparations are now underway for The Queen’s funeral, which is expected to be held in 10 days’ time. 

Queen Elizabeth was the longest-reigning monarch Britain has ever seen, with 70 years on the throne. 

She is survived by her four children; Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. 

Her Majesty had eight grandchildren when she died: Prince William, Peter Phillips, Princess Beatrice of York, Lady Louise Windsor, Prince Harry, Zara Phillips, Prince Eugenie of York and James, and Viscount Severn.

She also had 12 great-grandchildren – the youngest being Beatrice and Edoardo’s daughter Sienna.

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