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ITV Coronation Street fans ‘expose’ Sam and Leanne’s secret in disturbing Rowan plot

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Supporters of Coronation Street think they know what Sam Blakeman and Leanne Battersby are hiding, and some are worried it has something to do with Rowan Cunliffe.

Supporters of Coronation Street are certain they know what Jude Riordan’s character Sam Blakeman is trying to hide from his father, Ben Price’s Nick Tilsley.

In a terrifying turn of events, it appears that Rowan Cunliffe (Emmerys Cooper) may have discovered a new victim for his unsettling cult scheme.

He has already ensnared Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) in his web and severed her from her family; now, Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor), her sister, is opposing him.

Toyah and Nick have become the targets of a scheme involving blackmail. Leanne has been secretly helping her stepson Sam with an undisclosed issue in the interim.

Sam was clearly hiding something, even though she was reluctant to give Nick specifics. As Sam arrived at the apartment to ask after Leanne, Nick clarified that she was gone.

Nick became suspicious of Sam’s eagerness to talk to her about the matter, so he decided to look into it further.

In response to Nick’s inquisitiveness, Sam obliquely mentioned that Leanne had promised to assist him, saying it “didn’t matter”. In response to Nick’s implication that Leanne might forget, Sam stated with assurance, “She won’t.”

Nick became cautious when Sam asked, “You ready?” after Leanne arrived. “Yes, please give me five minutes,” Leanne reassured. I’ll be in a moment while you finish setting up.”

Leanne gave Nick a hazy response when he tried to find out the truth, saying it was “just something for Hope.” Nick appeared doubtful and was perplexed by Sam’s hesitation, according to the Mirror.

Leanne was seen speaking with an AI animation of her late son Oliver in a recent scene. Oliver tragically died in 2020. Fans are now conjecturing that Rowan and Leanne are targeting Sam.

A growing number of fans suspect that Leanne is “assisting” Sam by using Rowan’s assistance to create an artificial intelligence (AI) version of Sam’s mother, Natasha Blakeman (Rachel Leskovac), after her murder in 2021.

On X (Twitter), a worried fan wrote: “Don’t say that Sam got an A.On his computer, I mummy.” Someone else expressed concern and asked, “Have they created an AI Natasha?” Another said, “Oh no, she’s going to AI Natasha.”

“If I see an AI video of Natasha on Sam’s computer screen, I’m unplugging my telly right away!” was another unsettling fan comment.

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