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ITV Coronation Street star announces break from cobbles after devastating ordeal

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Coronation Street’s Abi Webster has been a victim of deepfake videos and decides to take a break from the Cobbles next week.
Coronation Street’s Abi Webster (played by Sally Carman) has been going through a rough patch recently.

She’s become the victim of vile deepfake porn videos that have surfaced online, leaving her clueless as to who is behind them. Unaware of their motives, Abi suspects someone is trying to sabotage her life.
Her husband Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) shares with Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) that Stefan Brent (Paul Opacic) had agreed to fund the removal of the deepfake videos.

However, Stefan informs Kevin that he’s backing out of the deal, unwilling to shell out the £60,000 per annum required to take down the videos. How will Kevin respond?

Next week, Abi tells Kevin she needs some time away and plans to stay with Lynsey and the twins for a few days.

According to the Daily Star, Kevin does his hardest to cheer Abi up as she leaves.

It will be remembered by viewers that Corey Brent, the son of Stefan (Maximus Evans), is presently serving a jail sentence for the 2021 murder of Abi’s son Seb Franklin (Harry Visioni). Stefan had tried to flee with his son, to protect him, but they were caught.

Abi recently learned that Corey was the subject of a jail documentary being produced by a TV production company that portrayed him favorably. After Abi was successful in getting the documentary canceled, her revenge porn nightmare started.

She finds out this week that Stefan may be pursuing retribution, and not simply because of their past experiences together. Stefan’s position as a board director of the production business that made the documentary is revealed to Abi.

He also owns the magazine that Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) works for, she says, and she surmises that he made the deepfake videos as a form of retaliation.

After reporting Stefan to the police, Abi and Kevin watch in a desperate attempt to see their nightmare come to an end as DS Swain (Vicky Myers) leads him into an interview room.

When Bethany contacts Abi at the garage, she offers to resign from her work if that’s what she wants to do, but she also points out that having someone inside to watch Stefan could be helpful.

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