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Friday, July 19, 2024

ITV Emmerdale and Coronation Street fans rage as soaps axed in Euros schedule chaos

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ITV soaps Coronation Street and Emmerdale have been pulled from air this evening to make time for Euros 2024.
ITV soap fans have been dealt more bad news as they are being forced to miss Coronation Street and Emmerdale once more as the Euros are aired instead.

This evening, Monday June 17, fans won’t be able to take a trip to the Dales or the Cobbles as both of the ITV soaps are being pulled from the TV schedule. Instead, a Euros 2024 football match will be played, showing Austria vs France.

Because the coverage begins at 7.15pm and ends at around 10.30pm, there won’t be time for Coronation Street or Emmerdale to air as well. However, those who are keen to catch up with the latest soap storylines won’t have to wait too long.

Emmerdale and Coronation Street will both air for one hour tomorrow, on Tuesday, June 18. Emmerdale will be broadcasted at 7pm, followed by Corrie at 8pm.

The soaps being replaced by football is something that always riles up fans. Many often take to social media to complain about the changes.

Social media was updated by Coronation Street executives to clarify the reorganization of the schedule. They posted: “Our schedules will be shifting for a short while, including tonight as we’re not on, as the Euros are officially starting.”

Not a huge football fan? We’ll notify you as soon as we have information on our air dates.”

Fans were still upset, though, as one person on X (previously Twitter) commented: “@ITV Why can’t @ITV follow the BBC’s lead? BBC2 now airs popular shows like Casualty, in addition to Football on BBC1. Thus, those of us who detest football can continue to watch our regular shows. Coronation Street and Emmerdale might be used for this.”

Another added: “So mad put all football on bbc1 leave us soap addicts alone x”. Someone else wrote: “@ITV Please explain why the football coverage starts at 6.30pm but kick off isn’t until 8pm, you could easily have put both coronation street and Emmerdale on before the match starts!

“Not everyone wants to watch football and is it necessary to have an hour and a half of waffle?”

One user suggested: “Why can’t you upload the whole weeks episodes each Monday morning at 6am. Then we can watch it in our own time.”

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