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ITV Emmerdale spoilers: Matty in danger, shock betrayal and heartbreaking exit

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According to Emmerdale spoilers, Matty will be in serious danger next week, and a tragic exit following a shocking betrayal appears to be in the works.

Next week, Emmerdale is teasing a shocking betrayal that puts Matty in jeopardy.

Currently incarcerated, Matty stands accused of stabbing Samson Dingle, despite the fact that viewers are aware that Josh shoved Samson onto the knife that Matty happened to be holding during a confrontation between the three.

Matty will be put in danger on the ITV soap opera next week after his wife Amy exposes him. Things worsen for Matty when she unintentionally gives in to the malevolent bully Robbo, even after he was finally accepted as a trans man by his cellmate Les.

She informs Les more about Matty’s life and discovers he is transgender after mistaking Robbo for Les. Sadly, Robbo visits Matty’s cell and follows him when he divulges the truth, just as Les is leaving for an appointment with a solicitor.

In other news, Samson Dingle appears to be planning his departure. To Moira’s dismay, he intends to travel to Europe with Josh. As the families square off, Sam believes it’s okay if Samson leaves as long as he returns for the trial. Moira is determined to convince Samson to stay, but to what extent will she go?

When Lydia sees Josh threatening Samson, she too begins to doubt whether Samson is telling the truth. When Moira and Lydia finally get together, will they be able to both free Matty from prison and expose the real story?

Matty is in grave danger

Next week, Nate makes an appearance ahead of his rumored departure from the show. Billy leaves to get a drink with Nate after Dawn loses faith in him, with Kim filling in for him. Concerned about his lack of social distancing for his son’s benefit, things worsen when Evan is taken to the hospital, and Kim is put at fault. Will Evan be alright?

There is also a fervent hope that Nicky will return, but Ruby is adamant that they must part with their son. Ruby is moving closer to her target as she carries out her strategy to undermine Kim, but it appears that Rose is changing her mind.

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