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ITV This Morning fans spot explicit blunder as show ‘accidentally airs rude word’

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Tuesday’s This Morning viewers had viewers in fits of laughter as they called attention to an explicit mistake made by Josie Gibson during her live hookup from Germany in advance of the Euro 2024 semifinal.
Presenter Josie Gibson of This Morning was live-broadcasting from Dortmund, Germany, ahead of England vs. the Netherlands’ Euro 2024 semifinal match, which takes place tonight, July 10.

The TV personality was asking football fans if they would be willing to sell their game tickets, and none of them were willing to part with them, predictably.

The presenter, who is from Bristol, also asked the audience what they thought would happen in the next game. Many of them were optimistic about the score and wanted England to win. The name of the tavern that was visible behind the presenter, nevertheless, couldn’t help but divert viewers’ attention during this upbeat part.

Although it wasn’t exactly the same spelling as a certain British expletive, it was close enough that viewers took to social media to point out ITV’s seemingly unintentional on-air gaffe. Sharing a screenshot of the pub, one viewer joked: “Perfect placement,” accompanied by a laughing emoji.

After discussing game predictions with fans, she said during a piece to camera: “It’s coming home. I cannot even describe to you how electric the atmosphere is here”, reports the Mirror.

“I am definitely going to get into this into this football. It’s absolutely magic and this football top, means absolutely everything.”

Viewers were left less than impressed with the boisterous Dortmund atmosphere, deeming it a bit too rowdy for daytime TV. Fans could be heard chanting “England, England, England! ” as Josie Gibson battled to make herself heard.

She was able to say: “I’m gonna be talking to some of the England fans and some of the Dutch fans later!”

“10:02 and it is already chaos,” said Cat Deeley, returning to the station and mirroring the feelings of fans on social media. A viewer asked: “I’m a Northern Irish viewer, I don’t support England, so please tone this nonsense down a bit?”

One more person chimed in, “Did she just say gluten morgen? She’ll probably discover that it’s guten morgen. Another irate viewer added, “I’m tired of football being the only thing on TV every night and now on This Morning. Not everyone likes it.” Thank you not at all. I’ve turned off my computer.”

In other news, popular TV personality Josie Gibson is expected to leave This Morning to embark on a new career. According to On The Radio, the well-liked host has been signed on to anchor Magic Radio’s BBQ Playlist section on Saturdays from 1-2 pm.

Harry Judd of McFly will replace her after her tenure, taking over the slot following her last performance on July 6.

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