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James Stewart and twin brother Nick share rare new pics

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No bond is greater than the one between brothers.

And this is even more so for twins like James Stewart, the Home and Away star, and his twin brother Nick when they celebrated their 45th birthday this week.
James and Nick have posted exclusive pictures of the couple together. Nick posted “Happy Birthday Twinny! Posting a present-day shot of the men dressed up together at what looks to be a wedding.” Meanwhile, James went deeper down into the files to dig up a childhood shot of the brothers.

Twins James (left) and Nick Stewart (right) shared rare photos of the pair together to celebrate their birthdays.

The star of Summer Bay, who plays Justin Morgan, posted them as kids with an adorable video and joked that he couldn’t even tell them apart.

Happy Brother’s Birthday! Can’t say who’s who, yet?! And why did one of us forget the hair memo portion? #twinning,’ the shot he captioned.

“On his birthday, James’ wife and co-star Sarah Roberts also shared a sweet tribute to her husband, writing: “The most powerful creature I know . . My everlasting lover. Happy husband’s birthday.’

Home and Away star James raided the archive to find this gem from their childhood.

It’s been a few months since the brothers were seen on each other’s Instagram account together, and when new family snaps are posted, fans are still delighted.

James posted a family shot with his brother Nick in July, as well as their daughters Scout, eight, and Grace, who look the same, respectively.

The actor shares Scout with Jessica Marais, who he dated from 2009 to 2015, his ex and former Packed to the Rafters co-star.

“He captioned the post:” Daddy-Daughter ‘s Annual Day! # twinning, #growinguptoofast. # twinning


James has opened up about being a dad in recent interviews, including during an emotional conversation about Scout’s first day at school back in 2018.

“Talk to Who, James announced things at the playground gate” got real.

“James said,” It was when it struck me like her dad that I had to stand back to let Scout find her first steps in freedom.

I couldn’t help but think about her … I haven’t done anything but help her all my life. It’s her time now. I slipped the sunshine down over my tears as she stepped away.

The brothers (pictured with James’ wife Sarah Roberts) share a close bond.

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